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Best correct score predictions guaranteed for betting: exact correct score tips daily free

When a bettor wants to boost the odds he is betting on, one of the ways is arming oneself with the best correct score predictions from Takebet Ghana! Football, tennis, ice hockey, basketball and other popular sports are covered with guaranteed correct score tips daily by our experts.

Both top tournaments and smaller ones feature free exact score tips, including the UCL, the Europa League, the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, MLS in football; the NHL, the NBA, ATP and WTA events, tennis Grand Slams in other sports.

For our correct score betting tips, experts analyse results and stats of recent matches, offensive and defensive performances, head-to-heads, news on the form and the availability of athletes, and betting odds. By spotting trends, we offer sure score match tips.

Wait no more and fire your next betting shot on target with correct score betting picks from Takebet Ghana!

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Correct score betting tips overview

Being hard to predict, sports score predictions are easy to grasp even for a betting rookie. What you bet on depends on the sport: in football and ice hockey, that would be a score of goals; in tennis, that would be sets and games. High risk associated with bets of this type is the reason why odds are always higher than for corresponding win draw win (1x2) bets.

Betting experts of Takebet Ghana as a sure correct score site drop full time picks of this kind for all sporting disciplines, but for some sports, there are also half time score predictions — for football, to name one.

Takebet Ghana offers single score match game tips and accumulator betting picks. In the latter ones, our daily free correct score tips are mixed with 1x2, over under totals, handicaps, goalscorers, double chance and draw no bet selections, HT/FT picks and more.

Read below for more explanation of this intriguing betting market.

Exact score tips explained

Sports score predictions let one bet on a score line of certain events in a match, such as goals scored by both teams in a game of football. By predicting the score, one predicts the outcome of a fixture too. Depending on the implied outcome, scores may be written as “2-1”, “1-1” or “1-2”. A bigger first digit means the home side winning, a bigger second digit means the away side winning, while an equal score essentially means a draw outcome.

Free exact score tips win if the event ends with that score exactly. This wager is mostly offered on a regular time (e.g. 90 minutes plus a few added minutes in each of the halves).

Let’s take a Chelsea vs Liverpool match in the EPL as an example. Say, you bet on a 2-0 option. In order for you to win, Chelsea must get a victory with that exact score. If Chelsea wins with any other score, you will lose. If Liverpool wins 2-0, you will lose. Got it?

Half time score predictions

Scoreline predictions come in different manners depending on the sport. For sports in which an event can be divided in two halves, such as football, Takebet Ghana offers half time betting picks alongside full time ones. This means predicting the score of the first half.

Otherwise, all is the same. If we take the same Chelsea vs Liverpool match as an example, betting on a 1-0 half time score means you are predicting Chelsea to lead 1-0 by the break.

Accumulator score match tips

Accumulators are wagers in which daily tips correct score (exact) are united with any other bets on separate sporting events, such as win draw win bets, totals of over/under, handicaps, etc. Accas range from correct score double to a combo of tens of separate selections. They are a way to win big in sports while betting from small stakes, but they pose a greater risk.

We won't guarantee you correct score 1000 odds that often, but Takebet Ghana sure offers accumulators with betting odds situated around 10.00 (+900 American; 9/1 Fractional). And on rare occasions, the odds for an expert correct score prediction can be even higher than that.

Best correct score predictions sites

There are quite a few online portals offering free exact score tips for betting. Among this abundance, Takebet Ghana as a free correct score predictions site established itself as one of the best.

But why? Let's review!

First of all, the quality of what our top experts have to offer. As the best correct score prediction site due, Takebet Ghana provides punters with in-depth articles about each match: a recap of the last game of each team or athlete, overview of the betting odds and probabilities, analysis of the key players alongside projected lineups, a dive into H2H records, and much more.

Secondly, we offer only free picks, scores and odds. A punter doesn’t need to pay a dime to use any of our daily betting tips score exact. You just come to this very section and pick one.

Thirdly, experts of Takebet Ghana are sports analysts and betting traders with years of experience, who are perfectly knowledgeable about how to get valuable bets out of raw sports data.

Make Takebet Ghana your sure correct score predictions site of choice and win more often!

Sports and tournaments with guaranteed correct score tips daily

All sports with such a betting market are covered with correct score free tips on Takebet Ghana. The most popular and suitable sport for such a bet is football. Then ice hockey comes, because this is the sport with a relatively low level of scoring, and thus one can predict the score.

Tennis is another sport in which predictions score are offered: a punter can forecast a score of sets and, less often, games inside a set. Finally, basketball is covered with free picks, scores and odds on Takebet Ghana: here you can guess a score of quarters won by each team.

Read on for examples and to know which tournaments Takebet Ghana predicts in these sports!

Football final score predictions for goals

Football is a king of sports given both its universalism and popularity. In comparison to other sports it is low-scoring, so there is a real chance for anyone to guess the score of goals.

Some of the tournaments with the best correct score predictions on Takebet Ghana:

  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • Premier League
  • La Liga Primera Division
  • Italian Serie A
  • German Bundesliga
  • French Ligue 1
  • South African Premier Division
  • FIFA World Cup
  • UEFA Euro
  • Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) and more

Example: Barcelona plays Real Madrid, and you stake on the match score of goals to be 0-2. The only outcome that brings you victory is Madrid (as the away team) winning two to zero. All else is a loss: any other Madrid’s win, Barcelona winning (including 2-0) and a draw.

Check out upcoming football correct score predictions from experts now.

Tennis betting score predictions for sets and games

In tennis, you can expect Takebet Ghana to drop daily correct score tips — guaranteed for top tournaments and some smaller ones. Analysts predict a score of sets in a match and a score of games in a particular set of the match. Options differ for bo3 and bo5 tennis fixtures.

Tennis competitions with free exact score tips on Takebet Ghana:

  • Australian Open
  • French Open
  • Wimbledon
  • US Open
  • Summer Olympic tennis tournament
  • ATP Masters 1000
  • ATP 500
  • WTA 1000 (Premier)
  • WTA 500 and more

Example: you stake on 3-1 by sets in a bo5 Grand Slam match Novak Djokovic vs Alexander Zverev. Given that Novak is the first side, the score you stake on is in his favour. So, in order for you to win the bet, the Serb must win three sets and lose exactly one.

Check out upcoming tennis score predictions now.

Basketball free picks scores and odds for quarters

Experts of Takebet Ghana drop exact score betting tips on some of the top basketball games during the season. The NBA is predicted regularly alongside Euroleague and other tournaments when they happen: FIBA Basketball World Cup, Eurobasket, Afrobasket, etc.

In basketball, analysts offer final score predictions of quarters won by each team. Also, this is another sport in which predictions for half time scores may be offered by bookmakers.

Example: you wager on 2-2 by quarters in a match between Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics. For you to win the bet, each franchise must win two out of four quarters. In this case, you don’t depend on the final outcome of the match, but only on the outcomes of quarters.

Check out upcoming basketball score predictions now.

Ice hockey correct score betting tips on goals

Ice hockey is a popular sport in America and all over Europe, so you are guaranteed correct score tips daily on this sport here at Takebet Ghana. The NHL is what we predict regularly, with international tournaments predicted as well, namely IIHF Ice Hockey Championship and Winter Olympic ice hockey tournament alongside the Euro Hockey Tour of national teams.

In ice hockey, the scores of goals are what you are betting on.

Example: you pick the bet on 3-2 with high odds in a Colorado Avalanche vs Tampa Bay Lightning match in the NHL. You need Avalanche as the home side to win with that score in the regular time of the match. This will bring you a win, while any other outcome will not.

Check out upcoming ice hockey score predictions now.

How experts analyse sports for score predictions

Forecasting scores takes a lot of knowledge of the trends that come into play for particular teams and athletes as well as their clashes against each other. To get there, experts of Takebet Ghana complete a tremendous job of analysing sports data that affects the score.

Let’s review what we explore exactly for our free sports score predictions:

  1. Run of form. This includes results from the last five to ten matches in the same competition and in all tournaments. For tennis, it is appropriate to also account for all tournaments with the same surface this season. What exactly is that we look at? Outcomes, sure. But also scores, ratio of scored and conceded goals/points, in which half (period, quarter) they were scored, shots on target and defensive actions, etc. The goal is to grasp the current scoring trend of the teams against similar opponents.
  2. Head-to-heads. Recent H2H games, for the current and the last year, let experts in on trends between the given teams or athletes. Results, scores, dynamics, etc.
  3. Recent news. Knowing the latest updates helps! Especially when it comes to team sports with deep benches and groundbreaking performers, such as football, where you need to know the injuries, know the absentees to predict lineups and games for your prediction score exact.

Betting strategies for guaranteed correct score tips

There are some decent strategies punters can use to increase their chances of winning. Being on the team of one of the top correct score prediction sites, experts of Takebet Ghana also use strategies to come up with successful picks more often.

Let’s explore one of the betting strategies for score match tips!

Martingale strategy for score bets in football. First, you analyse the last season of a league for the most popular exact score: say, it is 1:0. Then, you pick a team which had the most games with this final score: say, it is Manchester United in the EPL. Finally, you explore the odds archive for 1x2 betting odds of those games in order to understand the level of squads against which Man Utd played with that particular score on most occasions: say, those were the teams that either equal Red Devils or are slightly weaker. Now, you arm yourself with a Martingale strategy and start picking similar games for betting on the 1:0 score — and each time you lose, you multiply your stake in order to compensate for your current loss and win the sum you could win when making your first bet in the series.

Example: imagine that each time you bet on the 1:0 score, you get the odds of 4.00 (+300 American; 3/1 Fractional). First time, you bet 10 moneys — and lose. You could win 30 moneys from that bet, but now you are minus 10. Second time, you bet 12.5 moneys — and if you win, then you will get 40 moneys of clean profit — those 30 plus another 10 to compensate for your loss. And so on. But be sure your bankroll is enough to go a few steps!

Free exact score tips for betting: how to get access

Our team of experts are guaranteed to publish all the best correct score tips daily for free in this section. Check this page out one or two days before the games you are interested in.

Use the filters to access betting picks for a given date:


Tips correct score — what are they?

An exact score betting pick is a wager that allows a punter to predict the final score of a game: goals in football and ice hockey, sets and games in a tennis match, quarters won in basketball, etc. Sometimes tips on half time scores are offered too, but the basic ones are on full time (by default excluding overtime and post-match penalties, bullets, etc). Score bets are among the most popular in football, so bookies offer them on most football matches.

For example, you bet on the 0:2 final score in the game of Juventus vs Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League. In order for you to get a payout, Man City as the away side must win two balls against none. Any other City’s win, any Juve’s or a draw will mean a loss.

Do you offer live score predictions?

We do not offer live betting picks as of now. However, Takebet Ghana is always updated with the latest news on teams and players as well as matches for you to make swift decisions.

When do you post your best correct score predictions on site?

Our team of sporting analysts posts free forecast articles for football from 24 to 48 hours before a match. For tennis, ice hockey and basketball this period is less, 12-24 hours.

Are your daily correct score betting tips free?

Yes, they are. All the picks published on Takebet Ghana are provided for free, at zero cost.

Do you have score betting picks for today and tomorrow?

Definitely. Experts drop correct score tips daily for today on games of the current day. Bettors can use our score match game tips for tomorrow on fixtures happening on the next day. Takebet Ghana also drops single and double correct score betting tips for weekend games, on Saturday and Sunday.

How to bet on score match game tips?

To make use of our predictions score, visit Takebet Ghana and choose the section with scoring picks from the menu. Select a prediction for an upcoming match and tap on it to read. When you are through with reading the chosen article, proceed by tapping on the BET NOW button underneath. You’ll be redirected to one of the best online bookmakers to deposit and wager on one or two sure correct score betting tips.

More tips with other betting markets on Takebet Ghana

We post betting tips with other bets too, aside from the final score predictions.

Other sections with predictions by betting market:

Use our best original score predictions — and set your betting score exact with your bookie!