6 great bookmakers for pro punters

Want a bookmaker that appreciates your value as a customer and your status? Here are our top recommend bookmakers for pro punters available for you right now.

If you happen to be reading this post, then you are most likely one of two people. Either a professional punter looking for a secure bookmaker or a punter who is considering turning professional and exploring the bookmakers to reach your goal.

The good news is that in the next few lines we will be going through the 6 great bookmakers for pro punters. All the advantages a bettor will have when betting with one of these bookmakers.

As any pro punter will understand, the stakes are high and it’s crucial that you have the right bookie behind every bet you make. Compile a list of what you’re looking for in a bookmaker and use it as a scale to measure the 6 bookmakers we have mentioned in our article.

We think it’s easier to find what you’re looking for once you have a clearer idea of what it is you want and need. These bookmakers will help make your job to pick the right sport and event a little simpler.

Offering you the best betting markets and competitive odds. With a sheer amount of bookmakers to choose from, this will make a great deal of a difference in the amount of profit you ultimately make.

Read on for 6 great bookmakers for pro punters and all you need for your next big win!

Pinnacle Sportsbook

Pinnacle Sportsbook is the first bookmaker to make our list. The primary reason is that Pinnacle Sports betting is a bookmaker that advocates winners. It attracts punters who are interested in cashing out every time.

They currently have one of 9the lowest bookmaking margin in the betting market. This means that they have the best possible prices for their sports bettors. This is great news for the pro punters reading this since bookmakers at times might take advantage of the odds set on the betting sites.

Pinnacle Sports betting has become a high-volume store for all serious punters. Pinnacle apprehends how even the smallest edge could affect the outcome of your wager. They offer high-value sports betting accompanied by a well-stocked sportsbook.

This bookmaker is your one stop shop for those punters who are looking for a bookie they can trust and most importantly find value in. They are a low profit taking bookmaker. In the long run, you will compare this bookmaker to other sites and you will find it hard beat.


Coral betting is a renowned bookmaker within the betting sphere and also within the UK. As bookmakers emerge through the internet, Coral holds ground as a leading sportsbook. This sports betting site offers a wide variety of sports that punters look for.

We recommend Coral as a bookmaker for pro sports bettors as they are consistently updating their odds. We have found the odds to be above average which is ideal for punters who are betting daily. This is paramount to your betting success.

A bonus we thought is great for punters is that Coral betting has a user-friendly site. Let’s face it, who wants a bookmaker that will add to your daily dose of stress?

This bookmaker is a well-rounded sportsbook, catering to your pro punter needs.

William Hill

If you’re seeking a bookmaker that reminds you of a family member you can trust, then this is the bookmaker for you. William Hill has the experience and security that only the supreme betting bookmakers will be able to offer.

WillHill is an established betting brand which has worked hard for its stellar reputation. With their generous signup bonuses, regular promotions, better than average odds and a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options. William Hill remains the preferred choice of many professional bettors.

William Hill strives to provide punters with an outstanding final product. We believe that their earned experience within the altering betting industry has made them resilient and reliable bookmakers. Pro punters look for these qualities in their bookmakers as they will trusting them with large amounts of money on a regular basis.


Bet365 can easily be compared to the winning horse in the Kentucky Derby. This bookmaker boasts over 19 million customers in over 200 countries.

You might be asking yourself, what’s the big fuss? Well, as you might have figured out, a bookmaker needs various features in place to be considered of good value amongst bettors. Thus, one cannot help but praise a site like Bet365 for its effort to offer premium service to its customers.

They have been ranked in the top tier of bookmakers when it comes to their customer service. With their user-friendly platform and the high odds which promote the bettor win the bets irrespective of the size of the wager.

To add to their successful sportsbook, Bet365 offers all popular sports. It is a dream come true for many punters as they offer some of the best features in the world of online sports betting.

Another unique feature of Bet365 is the wide range of currencies available as all major currencies. From Argentine Peso to Thai Baht and US Dollars are supported.

It’s no wonder pro punters have this online sports bookmaker listed as one of their go-to sites!


Searching for a fully functioning online sports betting and gambling site, that offers all the popular sports? Then look no further. Ladbrokes is considered one of the top bookmakers where horse racing, in particular, is concerned.

Pro punters might also be interested to know that Ladbrokes offers live streaming for Raceclubs, Virtual, Racing UK, At the Races and Live Greyhounds.

Ladbrokes offers a unique combination of best odds, extra features and vast experience which puts them in their own league. It’s difficult to compare Ladbrokes directly to other online sports betting websites.

Their exchange and guaranteed best odds feature will especially appeal to veteran punters and racing enthusiasts.


This revolutionary online sports betting company was one of the first online sports betting sites. Betfair is known for its casinos, gambling, live casino, bingo, poker and betting exchange operations worldwide in addition to its sports betting offerings.

This sportsbook is appealing to pro punters as it has its own licensed betting exchange. This allows the bookmaker to provide the best winning odds to their customers.

Unlike other bookmakers who tend to enhance the difference between the winning odds. With the goal to earn a sizeable profit from their customers who are placing bets on them.

Betfair has many success stories with it as professional bettors and gamblers owe their success to Betfair.

Which Bookmaker To Choose?

As any bettor is aware, looking for that ideal bookmaker is a diamond in the rough. You will need to search thoroughly to find the one that works best for you and plays best to your strengths as a punter.

These 6 great bookmakers for pro punters will give you the support and information you need for your next big bet. It’s in your best interest to know who the top bookmakers are in turn use their sportsbook to the best of your abilities.

Let us know if you’ve already used any of them or if there are other bookmakers that topped up your list!

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