8 NFL score prediction sites you should follow

In this article, we’ll introduce the top 8 NFL Score Prediction sites which we have selected from among hundreds after a careful selection and vetting process.

But before discussing these sites, we thought it’d be better to shed some light on the history of NFL as not all our readers, especially those not from the United States may have complete information about NFL.

Make sure also to read our beginner’s Guide to NFL betting if you have no idea how you can bet on NFL.

National Football League or NFL as its popularly known is the highest professional level football event in America.

NFL is one of the 4 major sports leagues in the US and is one of the most watched sports events across the globe.

Its culmination match, also known as Super Bowl is the most watched event in the US with an annual viewership of more than 110 million viewers.

Even in international sports, Super Bowl is just behind the final of UEFA Soccer Champions League final in the annual sports events category.

nfl score prediction sites

Anyone who has lived in the States even for a short amount of time has an idea of the popularity of NFL, but we hope our non-American readers can also understand this better after considering the above-mentioned statistics.

Predicting NFL matches is a serious business, almost on par with FIFA World Cup and UEFA Soccer Champions League or Euro Cup.

The NFL regular season begins the weekend after the Labor Day in early September, whereas the Super Bowl usually in the first week of February next year.

Current NFL 2017 season will take place on September 7, 2017 – December 31, 2017, while the Super Bowl is scheduled to take place on 4th February 2018.

NFL matches like any other sports events attract a huge number of bettors and NFL season is one of the most profitable annual events for most major sports bookmakers. T

These games are inherently games of chance where no one can know in advance which team is going to win a match or the tournament.

Nonetheless, like all other sports events, NFL score prediction is also a big business and some websites seem to be more successful in predicting NFL scores and winners beforehand.

So, Here Are Our Top 8 NFL Score Prediction Sites:


ESPN is perhaps the most famous NFL Score prediction site on our list, thanks to its numerous sports channels across all the countries of the world.

ESPN covers all the matches of NFL, including the Super Bowl and is among the official sponsors of the event.

ESPN has a mixed record when it comes to predicting NFL scores, but nonetheless it is one of the best sites for someone looking for NFL score predictions as no site can guarantee a 100% accuracy when it comes to predictions as sports predictions are basically educated guesses which can give you insights along with the highest odds of an event.

ESPN is the most visited sports website in the world, thanks to their channels in more than 200 countries and covers all major sports events in addition to NFL.

nfl socre prediction sites

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is another well-respected site which has made it to our list. Sports Illustrated is owned by Time Inc. and has a weekly reach of 23 million readers, including 3 million subscribers.

It is without a doubt one of the leading sports sites in the US and has been around since 1954.

Sports Illustrated has covered NFL and Super Bowl since its inception, and the site has a huge pool of veteran NFL watchers who can speak from their own experience which runs into decades.

Sports Illustrated offers NFL predictions on all matches including the culminating final of Super Bowl.

Odds Shark

Odds Shark is another well-known name on our list.

Odds Shark has become a sort of authority for online sports betting odds and they’ve established themselves in sports betting, poker, casino games, horse racing in the short amount of time since their launch just a few years ago.

Odds Shark has also easily replicated their success in predicting sports events in NFL and is now considered one of the leading NFL score prediction sites.

In addition to NFL predictions, Sports Illustrated also runs regular columns written by veteran sports commentators, players, and journalists and is good site for someone who is interested in learning more about NFL.

nfl score prediction sites

CBS Sports

CBS Sports is owned by CBS Corporation and is the most visited sports site in the US.

CBS Sports website offers NFL predictions and tips for all the matches and has been able to predict some important outcomes in the past NFL regular seasons.

Winners and Whinners

Winners and Whinners is a new site which focuses on all major sports league in the US. Winners and Whinners.

Winners and Whinners have quickly carved out a niche for itself in predicting NFL scores since its launch just 2 years ago.

You’ll find expert predictions and previews on their site for all the matches and for individual teams.

They follow a detail based approach and try to cover almost every aspect of the upcoming match.

You’ll find expert predictions and previews on their site for all the matches and for individual teams.

They follow a detail based approach and try to cover almost every aspect of the upcoming match.

They follow a detail based approach and try to cover almost every aspect of the upcoming match.

Although, this may seem a small and new site on your first visit, don’t overlook them as sometimes they perform way better than more established NFL score prediction sites.

NFL Spin Zone

NFL spin zone, as the name would suggest is a site solely focused on covering NFL and they have one of the most comprehensible sites which cover almost every single aspect of NFL.

Even established sites have trouble in competing with them, as unlike other popular sports sites on our list NFL spin zone has decided to focus all their energy on a single sports event.

NFL Spin Zone offers detailed predictions for each NFL week and they also cover fantasy football in addition to NFL. You must not overlook this site as they’ve in the past beaten more established sites with their predictions.

nfl score prediction sites

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is considered one of the most respected NFL score prediction sites, thanks to several of their successful predictions in the past seasons of NFL.

Bleacher Report offers detailed odd guides and Over/Under tips for all the NFL weeks in addition to covering each individual match in close detail.

This is a must follow site for someone who wants to keep an eye on NFL.

Fox Sports

Fox Sports is another popular sports site on our list.

Perhaps all our readers are aware of Fox Sports and we don’t see a need to explain their history or origins as they’ve related to NFL for decades now.

Fox Sports offers predictions and detailed expert previews about upcoming NFL matches.


We’ve tried our best to assemble a list of most accurate and prestigious NFL score prediction sites.

Although, like any other sports event NFL is full of surprises and no expert, even those with decades of experience can claim to predict the outcome of an event with a 100% success rate.

These sites are the cream of NFL score prediction sites and we’ve done our best to include only reputed and prestigious sites.

Please note that you must research each individual site before following any of their prediction as the decision to bet on a prediction is going to be only yours and in case of losing a bet based on score predictions, you may not be able to recover your losses.

By studying closely, the track record of the site and the expert who has predicted an outcome, you will be able to stay ahead of the game most of the times.

Along with these 8 NFL prediction sites, be sure to understand the betting odds for the NFL and also the betting strategies that you can use.

Please feel free to add any other NFL score prediction site in the comments section below if you feel that we have missed an important site.

We hope that you have enjoyed this list of 8 NFL score prediction sites, and will be looking forward to your comments.

Also, subscribe to our website if you haven’t done so already as soon we will be publishing more such articles focused on NFL.

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