Odds of Belgium winning FIFA World Cup 2018

Read this article, to see the odds bookies have placed on Belgium to be the World Cup winners this 2018. Do the World Cup 2018 underdogs have what it takes?

Even though Belgium may not be a football team synonymous with fame, glory and stars, this team has a decent World Cup record all things considered; coming in fourth place in the 1986 FIFA World Cup and making the quarterfinals in the previous FIFA World Cup of 2014 in Brazil.

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What Are Belgium's Odds And Predictions?

Having said this the team also boasts quite a long list of stars plying their trades at some of the world’s biggest football clubs.

These include Thomas Vermaelen for Barcelona, Marouane Fellaini and Romelu Lukaku for Manchester United, Kevin De Bruyne for Manchester City and of course the enigmatic captain Eden Hazzard who plays for Chelsea.

Thus, there is no shortage of talent in the ranks of this football squad and this is after captured in the odds given for Belgium to win the FIFA 2018 World Cup at 12 to 1 - not such a long shot at all.

Even so, there are quite a few teams sitting firmly above them in the rankings and even though they may not be a sure shot for the title, fans and bettors alike can expect some exciting games from this outfit and perhaps even an upset or two in the works.

The current bookmaker with the best odds for Belgium is Leo Vegas.

2018 World Cup Predictions Top Teams

Belgium In The last World Cup

The FIFA 2014 World Cup was hosted in South America by popular competition favourites Brazil and brought its fair share of thrills and disappointments and for Belgium, this was no different.

They were firm favourites in their group, which saw them pitted against three lower rated teams, namely, South Korea, Russia and Algeria.

Belgium made good on their title as group favourites winning all three games by one goal each.

Many however would have argued that they had a somewhat easy path up to the quarterfinals, as they faced the USA in the round of sixteen whom they also managed to knock out without much drama or complication.

This run then came to an end as the quarterfinal round saw them drawn against one of the tournament favourites, Argentina.

It was their first real test which the team failed.

Even so, they managed to hold the Argentines to a narrow loss, 1-0.

This was not at all a bad showing by the Belgian national football team as bookmakers had them a bit further down on the odds list with 16 to 1, for taking the tournament title.

2018 World Cup Predictions Top Teams

Will The Group Matches Be A Challenge For Belgium?

Belgium has been drawn in Group G for the FIFA 2018 World Cup, along with England, Tunisia and Panama.

This group is decidedly in favour of Belgium and England progressing to the next stages over Tunisia and Panama who are firm underdogs.

The big contest, however, is predicted to be between England and Belgium, with Belgium getting the nod from Bookmakers, even just slightly so.

First up, Belgium squares off against Panama, with Belgium getting odds of around 1 to 6 to win the match.

Thereafter Belgium will go up against Tunisia with bookmakers giving betters slightly less strong odds with a spread of 1 to 4 in favour of Belgium taking the match.

Lastly, Belgium will take on England with bookies giving betters a seemingly good odds for both teams with Belgium getting 7 to 5 while England to will is set up at around 17 to 10 (just a bit shy of 2 to 1).

Thus Belgium is seen as the safer bet for all the group games, while odds for the knockout stages can only be confirmed once all teams have progressed.

2018 World Cup Predictions Top Teams

What To Bet On Belgium

With such a big tournament afoot, one can adopt the saying all bets are off as there are bound to be a fair share of upsets and David vs. Goliath scenarios where the underdog does come out victorious.

In addition to this casual betters and sports aficionados will no doubt be placing bets based on patriotism and other such nostalgic feelings which do sometimes skew the odds in favour of more rational playing and can create scenarios where handsome payouts can be expected.

Having said this the chances of Belgium winning the tournament form the outset is still quite slim, but as I have mentioned they do look somewhat formidable on paper.

Should you want to wager there is some room to do so, but it is not advisable to bet big on them taking the number one spot.

Then again at 12 to 1, even a small bet can quickly multiply in your favour.

Having said this there are a few games during the group stages which should be all but concluded before it has begun and for this reason, you could place several wagers on the Belgians to comfortably beat Panama and Tunisia.

Even though there are not great payout rates for betting on these earlier games it should still be money in the bank.

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You may, however, want to have a closer look at some of the influential players’ form as well as general team form before putting down your cash on their game against England or any of the knockout stage games.

Betting Strategy to use with Belgium

This is where things get a bit more interesting because there is more than one way to make some cash on the games than simply choosing a winner or a loser.

Belgium does have a formidable team but history has shown them to be rather modest on the score sheets and for this reason, you may want to stay away from wagering 3 or more goals to the Belgians during the group stages.

Additionally, their defence is something to behold and it is unlikely that a team would score any more than one goal against this team.

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IF you are betting on the scoreline you may want to keep it around 2-0 or 2-1 for the first two games and should you fancy their chances against England then definitely 1-0 or 2-1 would most likely be the final score.

The odds for 2-0 during the first two games are not as enticing as some of the other potential score lines but should you venture over to 2-1 or 1-0 territory you could comfortably multiply you initial bet with seemingly little risk.

Also, it would not be a great idea to peg any of these men as the top goal scorer as a whole team of stars are likely to share the spoils when it comes to scoring.


Belgium only has slight chances of winning the 2018 World Cup but you can still make money from them probably beating Panama and Tunisia.

After the group stages, this is where Belgium will begin to falter.

However, the thing about being an underdog is that you always strike when least expected. With this in mind, placing a bet on the underdogs could turn out to be pretty profitable for punters!

And check how to bet on the 2018 World Cup.

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