Best bookmakers available in Turkey

Betting is not completely banned in Turkey – bettors can place stakes on horse racing, play the national lottery, and make lottery-style sports wagers. If you are betting from Turkey than these are the best bookmakers available in Turkey. Offering you the best-betting markets and odds for upcoming sports events.

In the country where East meets West, online gambling has a stricter online betting climate than most countries. Punters found betting online may face harsh penalties in Turkey, with stiff fines against them. However, don’t get disheartened. No such fines have ever been issued to recreational punters.

Still, we highly recommend that you:

  1. Learn how to stay under the radar.
  2. Pick the safest, most reliable bookmakers.

In this article, we’ll highlight the best bookmakers available in Turkey for punters.

Betting is not completely banned in Turkey - bettors can place stakes on horse racing, play the national lottery, and make lottery-style sports wagers.

All of these platforms are tightly regulated monopolies, known as the IDDAA, that contribute billions of dollars to the Turkish government. But, as you can figure out, these markets are limited and offer very poor odds for Turkish gamblers.

With the Turkish government’s anti-gambling stance and a desire to safeguard the betting monopolies, both private bookmakers and punters can become targets.

This means that most of our usually recommended bookmakers won’t be on this list. Although WilliamHill used to offer odds to Turkish punters, it now informs Turkish players that they are not eligible once signed up.

Even if the options are limited, pro punters can still bet and make money using these Bookmakers. But before you go through the list, we suggest you learn a bit about betting in Turkey, the risks, and how to take the right precautions.

best bookmakers available in turkey

Betting In Turkey

Land based casino gambling was initially legalised across Turkey in 1983. Turkish citizens were prohibited from the live gaming area, this is because casinos were only legalised to attract tourist money.

From 1995 to 1997, Turkish people were free to gamble, but this soon changed with the rise of the Islamic Welfare Party. A law was passed to close all 78 nationwide casinos, and this decimated the once-thriving Turkish gambling industry.

Since then, gambling laws continued to tighten up, and financial institutions are required to block Turkish bettors and online gaming sites.

Despite this, betting on sports still remains very popular in Turkey. The Besiktas, Fenerbahce, and Galatasaray are regularly represented in the top European competitions. The Turks love both watching football, and betting on it.

Aside from football, horse racing is also a popular sport. The Derby is held at Veliefendi in Istanbul and regularly attracts foreign people from the UK & Ireland, with prize money usually exceeding £300,000.

How To Avoid Detection

The bookmakers listed below take a number of precautions to avoid being banned. You should too.

If you’re a punter betting from Turkey, we suggest using some strategies to make sure you appear as a regular, recreational punter. This will help you avoid restrictions by bookmakers, but it will also keep you safe from authorities, which is much more important.

  • Withdraw money in small chunks
  • Place random bets with little value
  • Keep Stake size low
  • Understand the profile of the market
  • Analyse your context
  • Create pseudo accounts
  • Change your IP address
  • Use TOR, an internet browser designed to protect anonymity, when you access bookmakers

For a thorough explanation on how to employ these strategies.

Learning how other successful punters managed to remain outside the radar is always a smart idea, but be careful about relying on forums, bookmakers tend to add misleading information, so the tips you get are not always reliable.

best bookmakers available in turkey

Best Bookmakers Available In Turkey

The bookmakers below avoid a permanent banning of their website in Turkey by constantly altering their IP address. Furthermore, they change which site customers are directed to on a regular basis. For example, a bookmaker website like Bet10 will sometimes loads as either and sometimes as

#1 YouWin

Youwin is a relatively new name on the online sports gambling scene but its parent company, Winunited Limited, has operated various online bookmaker brands for many years.

They have a slick site that is mobile friendly and responsive, a plethora of basketball and football markets, and offer the best odds amongst this list. One extra bonus YouWin have is a very good live betting system which has graphical representations showing where the ball is in play.

#2 TempoBet

TempoBet is extremely popular with Turkish punters. People who access their site can switch the language to Turkish and they have a great selection of markets on football and horse racing. Moreover, they offer competitive odds.

#3 Bets10

Bets10 features an impressive selection of slots, live and virtual table games, video pokers, scratch games, bingo, and more.

They are not that reliable when it comes to resolving disputes, but they offer fast payouts, and their customer service is very reliable. They offer live betting and have markets in 26 different sports.

This bookmaker is also the perfect spot for all football fans, offering several betting markets for the upcoming English Premier League.

#4 1xBet

1xBet offer markets on over 30 different sports and a reliable live platform for fans of in-play betting. Reviews about them are mixed, with a number of bettors complaining that they restrict successful punters harshly.

#5 ForvetBet

On Forvetbet, the Turkish Super Lig is listed as the most popular market, with the English Premier League a close second. Turkish bettors will definitely find most markets they’d like to bet on here.

Unfortunately, you need to be very careful if you’re a pro punter, as they can enforce the ‘Spirit of the Bonus’ clause to seize winnings over 100,000 USD.

Concluding Words

We like to advocate using multiple bookmakers. However, in this case, you need to make sure that the accounts you have with different bookmakers don’t all clearly link to you. Use different usernames.

When deciding whether to use a bookmaker, read this article and also look at other reviews on the internet - this will help you make an informed decision. Don’t just pick 4 from a list without knowing a bit more about the track record of the bookies.

These are the best bookmakers available in Turkey for all those punters who keen to place a be on any upcoming sporting events like this

May the odds be in your favour.

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