Bet on 2026 FIFA World Cup host: the USA, Morocco and comments from Trump

Talks of the World Cup host for 2026 have caused some controversy and the USA and Morocco have submitted offers to win the bid, so much so that even President Trump got involved. Find out here how you can bet on 2026 World Cup Host right here as we give you the latest updates on the how FIFA will handle this.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup taking place this year and with it comes the hype on the potential 2026 World Cup announcement.

The football tournament will take place in Russia, but where will the World Cup 2026 be held?

In today's article, we will go through all of the details that you need to know for the World Cup 2026 locations as well as the how you can place a bet on the next football World Cup 2026 host and the odds.

The FIFA federation has a new boss, Gianni Infantino who is now calling all the shots and at the top of his list is the next bidding for the World Cup 2026.

In recent years the credibility of FIFA has been brought up to question and so with all of this at stake, the bidding process for the FIFA 2026 host country must be seamless and as Infantino said “absolutely bulletproof”.

To add to all of this, FIFA has been the subject of one to many scandals last year and bids for the 2026 FIFA World Cup needs to be clean.

For the bids, FIFA needs to keep in mind that the foundation of the games is to spread them worldwide and not strictly keep them to those privileged countries.

Gianni Infantino and his team need to keep in mind that when choosing the World Cup country all biases should be kept out of the question.

The 2026 World Cup is the 23rd edition of the tournament and for the first time will include 48 countries, an expansion of 16 teams from the 2022 World Cup.

In This Article:

Bet On 2026 World Cup Host

When Is The Fifa World Cup 2026? And Why Should You Care?

Following the usual timeline for the World Cup, the tournament will take place in the summer month of June and July.

Beginning in the middle of June and lasting for a month through July.

However, what we need to keep in mind is that the 2026 World Cup is going to be 50% bigger than the usual competition and therefore the country chosen will need to adapt to this increase.

The addition of 16 countries will mean that the competition will last longer, more games to be held, scheduled and most importantly with a longer duration, the budget will increase too.

The chosen countries will need to accommodate to these fixtures and additions seamlessly.

Updated News On Where Is The Fifa World Cup 2026?

The million dollar question.

Back in 2017, an agreement was formed whereby the host nation for the World Cup will circle between the continents so be sure that the all countries will be given a fair chance to host the tournaments,

Since this system was put in place no country from Europe or Asia is allowed to bid for the 2016 World Cup since the next World Cup 2018 is in Russia and the one after that in Qatar.

As of writing this article, there have been two official bids:

  • Morocco
  • A joint bid: USA, Canada & Mexico

For those wondering, to place a bid as a potential World Cup country, the country must have a modern stadium with the capacity of at least 80,000 supporters to be able to host the World Cup final.

So for example, Morocco whilst proposing their bid as a host nation they have also proposed the construction of a brand new stadium in the nation’s capital; the Grande Stade de Casablanca.

This brand new stadium would host over 120,000 football fans at once.

Apart from this main stadium, there are also talks of other new stadiums to be built for the tournament in Oujda and also Al Hoceima.

The new FIFA President, Gianni Infantino applauded Morocco’s bid stating that the country is ‘capable’ where infrastructure is concerned as well as in all of the organisational work behind such an event.

Whilst the other bid came from three countries for the first time ever and would almost be the perfect fit since this is also the first time that the World Cup will host 48 countries.

It should be noted that whilst all three countries would win the bid, the majority of games will be held in the USA, whilst Mexico and Canada will have 10 games each out of the 80 scheduled games in total.

For this bid the committee narrowed down the potential venues in North America to 35 stadiums in 32 different cities, but should the venue be chosen this will be reduced even further.

One of the advantages of this continent hosting is that many of the stadiums already have the stadiums built, unlike Morocco.

For the opening game, they have a capacity of 80,000 for the opening game and the final two with the possibility of using the MetLife Stadium right in New York and the future Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park in California, as well as stadiums in Dallas, Texas and Washington DC.

FIFA President commented that "to have Canada, US and Mexico coming together for a joint project, already this is a positive message."

The decision on which country or countries will host the 2026 World Cup will be announced by FIFA in May 2020.

Bet On 2026 World Cup Host

World Cup 2026 the USA & Why Trump Will Run The World Cup

As a country to host the 2026 World Cup could bring more than $5 billion in economic activity to North America.

Also, the countries who put in the bid are estimated to make $3-4 billion after hosting the tournament.

The Bid committee said:

"Our assessment found that if the United Bid Committee is successful in its bid to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup, it could generate significant short-term economic activity and numerous other benefits across Canada, Mexico, and the United States,"

Las Vegas Football Stadium

The US- Mexico- Canada bid is the current favourite with a combined population of 490 million whilst Morocco has just 33 million.

Whilst this triage of countries also creates an edge when we are talking about infrastructure and resources,

However, with the US in the mix, this also means that the deal comes with Trump. Although he won’t be President by then.

If the US were to win the bid as the host country for the 2026 World Cup, then we can expect Las Vegas to rake in quite the bug amount of bets.

us for the world cup 2026

Morocco 2016 World Cup Bid and why they are the favourites

When Morocco first submitted their bid to host the 2026 World Cup, a majority of North American pundits raised their brows.

Why did they act like that?

The North African nation was and still serious about wanting to host the World Cup 2018.

Critics have gone as far as to say that the country is simply too small to host a 48-team tournament.

However, we need to keep in mind that Qatar is the next host city for the World Cup 2022 and Morocco is around forty times the size with over fourteen times the population of the Gulf state.

What Morocco is aiming to do is to play to its strengths that this will be compact World Cup compared to the big players like Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018.

What they proposed is that players and fans will spend a considerable time travelling in a bigger country whilst in a more compact country they focus more on the football.

Also, fans will be more intrigued to travel to a country that offers an authentic experience and catering to different kinds of travellers too.

Imagine football fans walking through Marrakesh markets to El Jadida to take in Portuguese architecture or even the golden beaches of Agadir since the World Cup takes place in the Summer months.

What Morocco has pushed forward is that this will be the affordable World Cup for any type of fan, compared to past World Cups.

Morocco seems to stand a pretty strong chance at a relatively safe destination where millions of tourists travel to every year.morocco for the fifa world cup 2026

World Cup Odds Hosting Betting & How This Will Change The Tournament

The decision for the World Cup 2026 host country will take place in 2020 and we will find out which continent has won the bid.

False: Two official bids to host the event were submitted to FIFA: a joint bid by Canada, Mexico and the United States, and a bid by Morocco.

On 13 June 2018, the FIFA Congress will decide on whether to select one of those bids.

The truth is that this will be a tough one to choose for the FIFA committee as both bids have the potential and deserve to be chosen for different reasons.

The triage from the USA will bring a more glamorous look at the World Cup whilst also getting that side of the world more hyped up about football.

Whilst, Morocco will provide a much more affordable and authentic feel to the World Cup 2026.


Could this be the first FIFA World Cup that is one hundred percent transparent?

This is what new FIFA President Gianni Infantino has promised after the serious amount of scandals that the football federation has suffered over the past year.

There two main bids from opposite sides of the world and it will be interesting to watch how it all unfolds.

Will fans be walking through the streets of Marrakech or taking selfies with the statue of liberty?

Only time will tell and until then you can bet on the 2026 World Cup Host and check out the upcoming World Cup!

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