How to bet on FIFA World Cup from Finland

If you are from Finland and are looking to bet on the World Cup 2018, you have got to read this article! We cover the best bookmakers for you to use in Finland and odds from each bookmaker.

More people bet on the World Cup than on any other football event, so it’s no surprise that bookies are gearing up for a busy few weeks both before and after the tournament kicks off.

Punters around the world are starting to decide which teams they’re going to bet on, whether or not their home nation will be joining in on the action, and punters in Finland are no different.

If you’re interested in finding out more about betting on the World Cup from Finland, read on and discover which are the best sportsbooks to register with and which of their options you should consider betting on.

In this article:

Sports Betting In Finland

As Finland is an especially relaxed nation when it comes to betting, Finnish punters won’t have any difficulty in placing a wager on the outcome of the World Cup.

Online betting is entirely legal with a licensed provider, and many Finns also use bookmakers from overseas.

While this is technically illegal, the government don’t crack down on those who do this, so there is never any problem.

In fact, the government has actually put out a statement confirming that punters can use an overseas gambling site, and this means that they have free reign to select the betting provider of their choice.

The Best Sportsbooks In Finland

Although there are four companies which operate all of Finland’s licensed sportsbooks, there are numerous online providers from around the world that welcome Finnish players to register for their services and to place wagers on their markets.

While there are many bookmakers accessible to players from Finland, three of the best are Leo Vegas, William Hill and Bovada.

These three big names in international sports betting are all good choices for Finnish punters, and all offer the opportunity to place wagers, among other markets, on the World Cup.

All three offer different betting opportunities, so, here we look at the best ways to bet on the World Cup in Finland.

Betting Options For The World Cup

Regardless of which country you are betting from, there are a few standard bets that you’ll be able to put on when it comes to the World Cup.

Every sportsbook will offer the obvious options, however, some offer some more unusual betting options that add a little more interest to the competition and takes your wagering experience to a new level.

The most obvious bet of them all is on the outright winner of the competition, however, all of the top sportsbooks also offer the opportunity to bet on the outcome of the group stage for each of the eight groups as well as on the outcomes of the individual games.

Other sportsbooks have stretched their boundaries and have come up with some more unusual betting options including:

Top goalscorer

This is a popular option, although each sportsbook has probably outlined the same favourites to win the coveted title.

Obvious candidates include Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo.

Top European team

There are 13 different European teams in the 2018 World Cup and this bet gives punters the chance to wager on which of the 13 will end up going the furthest in the competition.

Highest scoring team

One of the most hotly debated subjects will be which of the teams participating in the competition will score the most goals overall.

While it might be possible to guess at this, it could be a risky wager.

Golden Ball

FIFA awards the Golden Ball to the player of the tournament, and since the award doesn’t necessarily go to the highest goalscorer, this could be a difficult one to gauge.

It could go to a player on a team that doesn’t usually get to the final, so that could be kept in mind if you decide to bet on this market.

Teams To Reach The Final

A very tricky bet to go for, predicting which two teams are likely to get to the final before the competition even begins may be difficult, but worth good odds.

Leo Vegas For The World Cup 2018

Of the three top sportsbooks offering their services to Finnish punters, Leo Vegas is perhaps the least well known.

However, when bettors register for their betting services and deposit funds they can choose from some interesting betting options when it comes to the 2018 World Cup.

While some sportsbooks are only offering wagers on the overall outright result, Leo Vegas have upped their game and have put in place an array of more interesting options to tempt punters to place as many bets as possible.

Some of the best options include:

Single games

If you want to keep the action going from the beginning of the tournament right up until the end, betting on single games is a great way to hold your interest, even in games where you aren’t too bothered by the countries playing.

If you can’t afford to place a bet on every game, one of the best predictions for wagers includes betting on Russia to win against Saudi Arabia in the first day of the competition, at odds of 1.30.

Group winners

If you’re looking for an easier win, why not try betting on the winner of each group?

In Group B, Leo Vegas is offering odds for Spain to win of 1.50 while in group C, their odds are on France at 1.33.

The favourites in group D are Argentina at odds of 1.67, while in Group F, Germany is dominating the group at odds of 1.36.

Best Team In Europe

This is a particularly unusual option but a good way of making a decent sum.

The most likely bets being offered by Leo Vegas are Germany at odds of 3.75 and France with odds of 4.75.

Finishing Positions

While you could always go for a bet on the outright winner of the entire competition, there are plenty of other finishing position wagers you could go for.

How about betting on a team to finish in the top 8., 4. 3 or 2?

Or what about a bet on which team will be disqualified?

William Hill For The World Cup 2018

William Hill is probably one of the biggest names in sports betting anywhere in the world, so it isn’t surprising that it’s also one of the top choices for Finnish bettors too.

As you might expect, as one of the world’s biggest bookmakers, William Hill have some unique betting options available for punters to choose from.

If you’re thinking of registering with this sportsbook and placing a deposit, you’ll need to know the best options open to you which include:

Group outright winner

This is a popular option for punters who are looking for some easy money simply because it’s so easy to identify the likely candidates in each group.

In Group A, Uruguay is William Hill’s favourites at odds of 1.83, but if you’d like to take a little risk, Russia could well win out since they’re hosting the tournament, and their odds are 2.75.

Group B’s favourite is Spain with odds of 1.44 and in Group C the obvious choice is France although the odds are low at just 1.20, so you’d be better off with an accumulator bet.

In Group D, William Hill has Argentina as their favourites to win with odds of 1.67 while in group E, Brazil’s odds of 1.22 make them the overall William Hill favourite, but again an accumulator bet would be the only way to profit from this wager.

The same holds true for Group F where Germany as the favourite is offered odds of just 1.30.

In group G, there are very close odds between Belgium at 1.83 and England at 2.20.

Betting on this group would be risky, however, since predicting the overall winner of the group is very difficult at this stage, and this is also the case for Group H, where Colombia and Poland have similar odds at 2.10 and 2.50 respectively.

Teams to reach the quarter-final

If the idea of predicting the outright winner of the whole tournament is just too risky a concept, why not go for something a little less complicated and go for which teams you think will get to the quarter-final instead?

With a lower risk and good odds, this involves picking the four teams that you believe will get through.

William Hill is offering the same odds of 1.50 on their four favourites, Spain, Germany, France and Brazil, but it could be worth considering Russia, the host country, with odds of 3.25.

Teams to reach the finals

This is a risky bet and the odds are low, however, it’s always another option.

Outright winner

Still one of the most popular betting options on the World Cup, and while slightly less risky than betting on which teams are likely to get to the final, it is still a different wager to get right.

Top goalscorer

This is an unusual choice, but certainly, an interesting one that adds a different element to your wagering.

William Hill also offers the option of betting each way for your chosen goalscorer to be in the top four scorers in the competition.

Their top four favourites are Neymar, Alvaro Morata, Antoine Griezmann and Thomas Muller/Timo Werner.


Bovada is another of the biggest online sportsbooks which welcome Finnish players, and since it offers a host of benefits including using Bitcoin for wagering, it’s a good choice for players who would like to keep their World Cup wagering anonymous.

Although their selection of betting options are less extensive than those offered by Leo Vegas and William Hill, they are still well worth considering due to their great odds.

Here are some of the best betting options that this sportsbook offers when it comes to 2018’s World Cup:

Group Winners

Just like William Hill and Leo Vegas, Bovada is offering the opportunity to bet on the winner of each group. Bovada’s favourite for group A is Uruguay with odds of +105, Spain for Group B with a -190 odd and France for Group C at -335 odd.

Argentina is another easy choice for Group D although the odd is small at -180.

Germany is the favourite in Group F, with a -325 odd, while Belgium is the favourite in Group G with -120 odd, although it will probably be a close run thing with England and could be a risky bet.

Finally, Group H, and again a bet on this group could be risky since it is the weakest of the groups and anything could happen.

However, for those who are ready to take the risk, Bovada has decided their favourite is Colombia at +130 odds.

Outright Winner Of The Event

Choosing the outright winner of the World Cup could be challenging, however, the best option is to use the Dutching Formula.

While this is usually a horse race betting technique, it is applicable to football too.

It involves choosing Bovada’s top four optionsSpain at +700, France at +550, Brazil at +500 and Germany at +450.

You can then use an online tool which will convert those odds to European decimal odds and then you can use a Dutching Calculator to enter the odds together with the total amount you’re prepared to bet.

You’ll then see at a glance precisely how much you’ll need to wager on each of the selection to ensure you get an identical profit regardless of which team wins.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways of betting on the World Cup in Finland, so choose the right sportsbook for you and start wagering!

To keep updated on the latest World Cup news and upcoming sports events check our site.

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