Bet365 football betting markets: overview of the most popular bets

Find the football league to bet on for the upcoming football season, like the English Premier League. If you’re interested in football, that’s good – this is due to the fact that football has a surplus of markets. Bet365 international football betting markets are stocked for all punters around the world.

If you're interested in football, that’s good - this is due to the fact that football has a surplus of markets. There are plenty of bookmakers that offer odds on different leagues both in international and national events.

Football, or if you’re American, soccer, is the most popular betting sport in the world.

In fact, more than 50% of sports bets placed online are for football matches. The global sport attracts thousands of people to television screens, with tournaments like the English Premier League being watched by over 900 million homes in 180 countries annually.

If you want to find football betting markets, Bet365 is the quintessential bookmaker. Football, alongside horse racing, is the bookmaker giant’s most important betting market, with punters betting on a vast range of different matches from all levels of the game, domestic and international, male and female, professional and amateur.

Whether you want to bet on major tournaments like the Bundesliga, football championships in Vietnam, or college football, Bet365 guarantees a vast range of markets, competitive odds, and fantastic promotions such as the Euro Soccer Bonus.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the more prominent Bet365’s football betting markets.

Bet365 football betting markets

Why Bet365?

Pre Match markets

If you prefer to take a more traditional route to betting, Bet365 offer a vast range of pre-match markets. For the Premier League, Bet365 is offering a whopping 120 markets.

Ahead of a match, Bet365 offers the following types of lines:

■ Main

■ Asian Lines

■ Cards

■ Corners

■ Goals

■ Half

■ Player

■ Specials

■ 10 Minutes

A relatively new feature that Bet365 was amongst the first to introduce is the ability to cash out of bets before expiry.

Customers can close bets before the end of an event to guarantee a profit or minimise a loss. A limited number of markets are available for cashing out bets during live matches. Bet365 offer a free in-play bet for some live matches.

Bet365’s In-Play Platform

With features such as cash out, quick bet, live scores, and live streaming, Bet365 ranked top in our list of the best betting sites for in-play bets.

Due to the huge amounts of money bet on live matches, markets are suspended after key events within games, such a goal, penalty, or red card.

Bet365 also employs sports data staff who go to stadiums and use a handheld console to communicate to the back office any significant events, ensuring that those betting in-play get comprehensive live updates instantly.

Bet365 football betting markets

Tournaments/Leagues Available At Bet365

English Premier League

The Premier League in England is the richest in the world when it comes to television rights and player’s wages. If interested in betting on the Premier League, we suggest looking at our article on how to bet on the premier league.

One of the main advantages of betting on the Premier League is that it is a long season that lasts for 9 months. This means as a punter, you have the flexibility to get to know the teams well and adjust your bets accordingly. This is a prestigious league that any football enthusiast will want to be a part of.

England EFL Cup

The 2017–18 EFL Cup is the 58th season of the EFL Cup, formally known as the Football League Cup. The competition is open to both English and Welsh clubs participating in the Premier League and the English Football League.

England League 1

Referred to as League One for short or Sky Bet League One, the English League 1 is the second-highest division of the English Football League, and the third most prestigious tournament after the Champions league and the Premier League.

bet365 football betting markets

The Markets

Scotland Championship

The Scottish Championship, sponsored largely by Ladbrokes, is the second tier of football in Scotland.

The Scottish Championship has only existed since 2013 but has since then attracted a large following from football fans both on a national and international level. Despite not being as large or lucrative as other leagues on this list, Bet365 streams Scottish matches live.

Northern Ireland Championship

Founded in 1968, the Northern Premier League has three divisions - the Premier Division, the Division One North and Division One South.

The league covers all of Northern Ireland and the northern areas of the Midlands. Teams who rank high at the end of the tournaments get promoted to either the National League North or National League South.

Wales Premier League

The Welsh Premier League is the national football league for Wales.

It has both professional and semi-professional status clubs and is at the top of the Welsh football league system. Prior to 2002, the league was known as the League of Wales; it changed its name as part of a sponsorship deal.

There is a long list of Bet365 betting markets for the Welsh Premier League, head over to the Bet365 today and get betting!

Europe - World Cup Qualifying

The teams that place in the upper echelons of the Bundesliga and the Premier League compete in the European section of the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification tournament.

The 2018 World Cup will be held in Russia, for national teams which are members of the European Football Associations (UEFA).

A total of 13 slots in the final tournament is available for UEFA teams.

bet365 football betting markets

UEFA Champions League Qualifying

The 2017-2018 UEFA Champions League qualifying phase and play-off round began on the 27 June and will end in two weeks on the 23 of August. Only 10 the top 10 ten teams get a place in the group stage of the 2017–18 UEFA Champions League.

Bet365 offers a number of different markets, from totals, handicaps, to overs and unders on all tournaments in their sportsbook.

Italy Serie A

Serie A, sponsored by TIM, sees the top contenders of the Italian football league system competing for the Coppa Campioni d’Italia. Known as the most tactical national league, the Seria A is famous for having produced the highest number of European Cup finalists.

It is probably the most popular league to bet on for punters.

Italy Super

The Supercoppa Italiana is an annual football competition usually held the week before football season begins in Italy. It is contested by the winners of the Serie A.

Spain Primera Liga

Commonly known as La Liga, this tournament sits at the top of the pyramid of football tournaments. It is contested by 20 teams, with the bottom three relegated to the Segunda Division, which Bet365 also provides markets for.

Bundesliga I

On the 18th of August, Bayern Munich and Leverkusen will kick off this year’s Bundesliga, Germany’s primary football competition.

Bookmakers are already offering a wide range of betting markets, from outrights on who will win, to odds on the upcoming matches. So now is your chance to read up and enter the punters playing field.

bet365 football betting markets

France Ligue 1

Ligue 1 also called Ligue 1 Conforama for sponsorship reasons with Conforoma, is the French primary football competition and the nation’s top professional league.

Parallel to the Bundesliga, Serie A, and the English Premier League, Ligue 1 is contested by 20 clubs and operates on a system of promotion and relegation with Ligue 2.

Seasons run from August to May. So if you want to bet on markets related to the Ligue 1 or the Ligue 2, you’re on time.

China Super League

The China Super League is the highest tier of professional football in China, operating under the auspices of the Chinese Football Association.

Because of low temperatures in winter time, the season starts in March and ends in November. The Chinese Super League consists of sixteen clubs.

Unlike in many top European leagues, the Chinese Super League starts in February or March and ends in November or December. In each season, each club plays each of the other clubs twice, once at home and another away.

The current system, with 16 clubs in the Super League, so the teams played 30 games each for a total of 240 games in the season.

Singapore Cup

The Singapore Cup is an annual soccer competition in Singapore and the major cup competition in Singapore football. It is contested by Singapore’s top-flight teams, but foreign teams from other countries in Southeast Asia are regularly invited to compete.

Bet365 is currently offering markets on leagues in Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, South Korea, and Vietnam. We only got the chance to mention some of the football tournaments Bet365s are offering betting markets on, so be sure to check their sportsbook for the full selection.

Other markets include Sweden, Norway, Denmark.

Bet365 also have markets on tournaments in Benin, Japan, Cameroon, Iran, Jordan, and Thailand, amongst many others.

bet365 football betting markets


Now that this article gave a brief overview of some of Bet365’s football betting markets, it is time for you to start placing stakes (and make a profit!).

Remember, successful punters, do their research. Look at the different tournaments, and pick the ones that interest you. Watch live streams, read the news, study key players, and learn from the experiences and observations of seasoned veterans.

Bet365 gives you the whole roundup, from the varied betting markets, competitive odds and in-play betting too. The football season has something for any kind of punter. Place your bet, sit back and watch your team score to victory.

Good luck Punters.

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