Betting sites: Man City, Liverpool favourites of EPL 2022-23

Manchester City and Liverpool are named the only teams with chances over 10% to win the Premier League 2022-23 season by international sports betting sites. That said, the Citizens are seen as having the probability twice as high to land the trophy compared to the Reds.

The odds on Man City are 1.61 (-164 American; 61/100 Fractional) according to one of the major bookmakers, equaling a probability of around 60%. The odds of Liverpool are 3.40 (+240; 12/5), meaning chances of around 29%.

Tottenham is seen as their closest rival, with the odds of winning set at 13.00 (+1200; 12/1). This amounts to the approximate chances of 7.5%. Next two are Chelsea and Arsenal — 21.00 (+2000; 20/1) and 26.00 (+2500; 25/1).

The season started on 5 August 2022.

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