Best bookmakers for Kentucky Derby 2018

This world-famous race is around the corner. See our list of the best betting sites for the Kentucky Derby 2018 competition on our roundup post.

Interested in betting on the upcoming Kentucky Derby horse racing event?

Well you’ve stumbled on to the right site. With the infamous Kentucky Derby fast approaching on the 6th of May, this is the opportune moment to try your luck on betting.

Horse racing is still considered the sports of kings and we can understand why.

This prestige sport is beyond thrilling and with so many different kind of bets to invest your money in, you’re sure to prosper in your wagers if you chose the right bookmaker and strategically plan out your bets.

The Kentucky derby is the first race of the notorious Triple Crown races and often considered as the most exciting two minutes in sports.

With a sheer amount of bookmakers available, you’ll have a harder time narrowing it down then you would have anticipated.

We’ve made betting on the Kentucky derby slightly easier by jotting down the best bookmakers for the Kentucky Derby.

10 Things To Know About The Kentucky Derby

  • Date: 06/05/2017
  • Location: Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky, U.S
  • Length: 1.25 miles
  • Number of Contestants: 20 horses
  • Age of Horses: 3 years old
  • Requirements: Horse must complete the road to the Kentucky Derby consisting of 35 races across the country.
  • Number of Mint Juleps Sold: On average around 120,000
  • Jockey Colours: Most jockeys opt to chose 3 colours. White is considered to be the most lucky and red to be the colour of the winning horse. Brown is the most unlucky colour.
  • Costs: Entering the race alone costs around $ 50,000
  • Prize Money: Apart from the blanket of roses, the winning horse collects a prize of $2 million dollars.

The Best Bookmakers For The Kentucky Derby

The race is held every year and is the first jewel of the Triple Crown, followed by two other races; the Preakness Stakes on the May 20th and Belmont Stakes on June 10.

If the horse wins all three races than he will be the first crowned champion in the last 40 years. The last horse to win all three races was in 1978.

You can understand the magnitude of the Triple Crown and why it attracts over 100,000 people around the track and millions following it on TV or otherwise, year in year out.

The enthusiasm preceding this race is well understood. 20 of the youngest horses, which have hardly ever raced in their lifetime are placed behind a gate with millions of fans tuned in.

Remember they are running a race they have not proven themselves in; the results of the race are often a surprise to all.

#1: Bovada: Ranking & Odds

Bovada online sports betting site is a front-runner amongst bookmakers for several reasons.

Firstly the site is easy to navigate, secure and reliable.

They already have a leaderboard for all of the qualifying points and rankings. A table you can refer to in the upcoming days of the Kentucky Derby.

What’s more is that Bovada have several blogs, write ups, videos and infographics to help you understand the Kentucky Derby that much more.

#2: Bet365

Bet365 is another superb bookmaker to look into. They are ranked as one of the best bookmakers around.

They offer some of the best competitive odds around. They also promote regular offers and bonuses that work for you.

Currently they have the best odds, which guarantee that if you make an early price of 3/1 and you selection winds at 4/1 you will receive a payout of 4/1.

This means that when you place your bet with bet365 you take the price on your selection. If the starting price is larger, the bookmaker will pay you out at the bigger odds.

#3: Pinnacle Sports

A leading sportsbook to place your wagers on for this season of horse racing events is Pinnacle Sports.

At Pinnacle Sportsbook, they offer a 7% rebate, whether you win or lose on all of the wagers used on their platform.

This basically means that any bet made on the track, you can also make online with the added advantage of 7% less.

#4: Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes is one of the lesser-known betting sites, but nonetheless is a good bookmaker to place your wagers on.

The good news here is that, you can bet at a slower pace and feel more at ease knowing that fewer experienced bettors are using the site.

Ladbrokes have clearly laid out the Kentucky Derby selections in a neat grid. With the odds placed next to each horse.

Once you click on the odd, found on the left hand side of the screen. The horse will be added to your bet slip and you will need to do is enter your stake for that event. It’s that fast and simple.

#5: Betfair

Betfair is another leading bookmaker to add to your list.

This betting company has the right system in place to ensure that you have all your betting needs fulfilled.

Betfair has a user friendly site which they update with all of the latest news about the Kentucky Derby.

They go a step future and reveal their predictions for the upcoming races.

Betfair have already listed the Derby contenders, which gives you more to do your research and pick your selections.

#6: BetVictor

BetVictor dedicate a large chunk of their website to horse racing. They place the horse racing events into sections. The Kentucky Derby falls under the flat racing category.

Under this section you will also find more information and key advice from both the bookmakers and other experts.

Betvictor have their race card in place for their customers to browse through.

BetVictor have also saved the punter the trouble of jotting down the ‘previous odds’, so that you will be able to compare them to this year's’ odds.

How To Bet On The Kentucky Derby Online

Final Words

As May is round the corner, for punters this means that a highly anticipated and exciting sporting season has finally arrives.

The Triple Crown is a renowned set of races that begins with the famous; Kentucky Derby.

We have listed the best bookies for the Kentucky Derby with the intention of helping you focus more of your time to betting.

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