Bovada mobile app review: betting app for the USA

Find out here what we thought of the Bovada Mobile App after testing it out for ourselves. For United States citizens who want to bet online through their phones, the options are a bit limited. Bovada is changing that. You can download it on iOS and Andriod devices and bet on the go now.

Betting online is a bit of a work-in-progress in the USA.

Although the betting industry is growing within the Nevada and New Jersey Borders, most bookmakers that offer odds for US players are based overseas, with the major sportsbooks based in Malta, the UK, and Curacao.

For United States citizens who want to bet online through their phones, the options are a bit limited. Bovada is changing that.

Bovada is a highly renowned bookmaker that caters specifically (although not exclusively) to the US. In our review, we underlined their strengths: outstanding customer service, large selection of markets in both major sports tournaments, niche markets, and competitive odds.

Their weakness was their lack of a mobile app or a mobile-responsive website. We are pleased that Bovada has worked on this, creating both a mobile app and a mobile-oriented version of their website.

Are they good? And how does one use them?

We’ve decided to have a first-hand experience, so we tested both the app and the mobile-responsive website. Our review will highlight the pros and cons, and give some suggestions on what you should opt for.

Bovada Mobile App Review

Why Is A Mobile App Important When Choosing Bookmakers?

The availability of a mobile app or a mobile-adapted website for bettors has been one of our main criteria's when making lists of the best sportsbooks. We live in a fast-paced world - the ability to bet while on the move is essential to most pro punters.

Furthermore, if you’re going to attend a sports tournament and bet on it while there, you need to be able to bet on a small, handy device like a phone or tablet.

For fans of live-betting or in-play betting, accessing a bookmaker’s live platform is a must.

This is because tournaments can be held at different times.

To make it easy to participate in these events, one must be able to bet in-run wherever and whenever they want.

For example, let’s take MLB games. MLB games take place at various times during the day. Sitting in front of your laptop all day (unless that’s your job) is not feasible. With access to the lines on your phone, this won’t be an issue.

Sitting in-front of your laptop all day (unless that’s your job) is not feasible. With access to the lines on your phone, this won’t be an issue.

Bovada followed in the footsteps of giants, and the bookmaker has been a trailblazer in many areas.

How does it stand in this area? This article will look at both the iOS app and the mobile version of the site.

What’s the difference? And which should you use?

Bovada Mobile App Review

Bovada Mobile App Review

Developing an app can be tricky and time-consuming.

An app is often created because it can work offline. For punters who want to bet, having access to the internet is necessary. This means mobile apps aren’t the most efficient way to go for bookmakers unless they have the resources to do it properly.

The Bovada Bet Tracker app has failed to meet expectations on several levels. In the app, you can only check betting lines to see what’s available. Placing bets is still not available. There have been complaints from users about lines not showing properly.

It is compatible with Android and iOS, and there are lines available for all major sports, but its performance is patchy at best.

The Mobile Website

While we’ve been critical about the app, our experience with the mobile-adapted website Bovada provides has been delightful. It still has some cons, and there are a couple of areas which can be polished, but we’re very happy.

A mobile-responsive website is accessed via the internet. Bovada’s full site has an extensive range of features from sport betting to casino gaming and poker, as well as new items. Most mobile handsets cannot cram all of this content in their screen.

An adapted website’s distinguishing feature is that it adapts the content to the screen size and display capacities of smaller platforms. A good mobile-responsive website allows users to navigate the website and access key functionalities with ease.

Bovada Mobile App Review

Accessing The Mobile Website

Punters who want to access the Bovada website from their smartphone or tablet must look up Bovada and access their normal, unadapted website. Unfortunately, you are not automatically redirected to the adapted version of their website, which is a minor inconvenience that could be easily solved with some effort.

To access the simplified Bovada mobile site you just need to enter the URL:

It would be great if Bovada automatically redirected iPhone, Android, Window Phone and Blackberry users to their mobile app like most other bookmakers.

The Mobile Site

Thankfully, their mobile site is an uncomplicated affair.

It is happily free of clutter or distracting adverts. The user interface is smooth and easy to navigate. Icons are well-designed and provide quick access to the main sports markets of football (U.S), basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, and UFC.

Initially, live streaming on in-play events was not available, but now players have easy access to their live betting platform, which has a number of features such as the ability to cash out.

To ‘install’ the mobile site, go to the mobile homepage and then add the page to your home screen. This can be done via iPhones, iPads, Android OS, Blackberries, and Windows phones.

Bovada will look on your mobile, it is built in HTML5 so it will fit the screen regardless of your device (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry & Windows mobile compatible).

One complaint may come from punters who want to alternate between sports betting and gaming. In order to access the huge casino section and games available with Bovada, mobile punters must exist the Sportsbook’s adapted site, return to the unadapted main site, and then enter the adapted site for the casino from the homepage.

Market Opportunities

The Bovada Mobile Sportsbook offers a vast range of markets to play on, from top-tier tournaments such as the MLB and Horse-racing, down to college football, basketball, and baseball. Bovada is currently one of the leading bookmakers for punters who want to bet on the fight between Mayweather and McGregor.

They also tend to have novelty bets on a number of niche markets such as Game of Thrones.

European markets are likewise covered extensively, with a plethora of markets available for tournaments like the English Premier League. International coverage is

provided by way of golf, tennis and matches as far afield as Australian for rugby league for those wanting a punt down under.

Horse racing is catered for internationally too, but again, there is a particular emphasis on the extensive U.S race market.

It should be noted that the lines available via the mobile sportsbook are still not as extensive as the markets one can access on the full online website. However, for the purposes of betting on-the-go, Bovada’s mobile app will have the largest selection you can possibly find.

Bovada Mobile App Review


We weren’t too happy about their attempt at an actual mobile app. But we give a solid 4.5/5 to The Bovada Mobile Sportsbook. With a smooth, well-designed layout, plenty of markets, and a good in-live betting platform, the Bovada mobile sportsbook is a winner.

If you’re new to Bovada, we suggest you look at the list of promotions and offers they have on offer.

With Bovada leading the US markets in new and exciting directions, we are sure that new bookmakers will be springing up in the near future, taking inspiration from Bovada’s success.

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