Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz betting odds in UFC

Talks of the Notorious Conor McGregor returning to the UFC are in the latest headlines. In this article, we will discuss the recent news of a possible UFC fight between Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz in their third fight against one another. Find out here the latest Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz betting odds today.

A little over a month and we’re hardly surprised that Conor McGregor is in the headlines once again.

Although this time it’s for the UFC.

In this article, we will discuss the recent news of a possible UFC fight between Conor McGregor Vs Nate Diaz in their third fight against one another.

conor mcgregor vs nate diax betting odds

Conor McGregor In The Octagon Once Again

As we’re sure you all remember on the 26th of August 2017 at the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, McGregor took on the boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

The fight itself was surely an entertaining one, however, the lead-up to the notorious fight was one of its kind.

For over a year, we witnessed the two fighters trash talk each other all over Twitter, sparing no details or adjectives in the process.

Although serious fans of the sport knew that there was no chance that McGregor would take down the unbeaten Floyd Mayweather, however, there was still that slight glimmer of hope.

However, the fight soon came and to some of the UFC fans disappointment, the Irish fighter lost.

He put up a good fight but not enough to match Money Mayweather.

The McGregor Vs Diaz Fight

As all of the fights which McGregor seems to be involved in, you can guess where the announcement of the potential fight emerged from yes, Twitter.

Nate Diaz is an American mixed martial arts fighter who is currently competing in the UFC.

Diaz was the winner in The Ultimate Fighter 5, making him quite the contender for the fight with already one win against McGregor in the bag.

Although anyone would be right in assuming that there are other fighters who would be a better match for McGregor.

Diaz is as of June 6th, 2017, Diaz is #8 in official UFC lightweight rankings.

But these two fighters have quite a colourful history, Diaz is one of three fighters have ever beaten McGregor in the octagon.

In his MMA fighting career, Conor McGregor has lost a total of three times:

  • Artemji Sitenkov ( 2008)
  • Joseph Duffy (2010)
  • Nate Diaz ( 2016)

However, Nate Diaz is the first man to actually defeat McGregor in the major leagues.

Nate Diaz has been incognito for 13 months. We imagine that he has used this time to train, ready for a fight against McGregor tomorrow if the opportunity was presented to him.

conor mcgregor vs nate diaz betting odds

When Is the McGregor Vs Diaz Fight?

Up until now, no date has been set.

But we can expect the third fight between the two fighters to take place towards the end of December.

The fight would take place on the 30th of December in Las Vegas and we should soon see posters with Conor McGregor Vs Floyd Mayweather spread across them.

UFC fans will be glad to see McGregor get back in UFC action following his most recent boxing events, which turned out be more about the lead-up and less about the actual fight in the ring.

The Irish UFC star was last in action back in November when he knocked out Eddie Alvarez adding another accomplishment to his lightweight belt.

McGregor and Diaz will both be hungry for a long needed win.

Where Can I Bet On The McGregor Vs Diaz?

Truth be told, it is still early days to bet on the McGregor Vs Diaz fight, however, there are odds already in place.

This can only mean that they will turn out to be highly profitable in the long run.

Leo Vegas is one of the leading bookmakers and it comes as no surprise that they offering great odds.

As it stands the odds at Leo Vegas for the McGregor Vs Diaz fight in December are:

  • Conor McGregor: 1.36
  • Nate Diaz: 3.00

So get betting today when the odds are low, by December you’ll be sure to be the leader of the pack, profiting from the lowest odds on the market.


The Conor McGregor Vs Nate Diaz fight has definitely sparked the latest news headlines and got our attention.

Smart punters know that the early Conor McGregor Vs Nate Diaz betting odds are worth checking out at Leo Vegas.

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