Darts betting: how to get started

Begin placing bets on one of the most profitable sports online. In this article, we explain what darts betting is and how you can get started and win today.

The sports betting world is full of interesting choices. Football, Basketball, Soccer, Horse Racing, Formula 1, and many more.

However, there is a big selection of games which sadly don’t get as much credit as they deserve.

Gold, Handball, and Hockey are just three examples amongst a very big selection.

One of those games is Darts which is also what we are going to talk about today.

After we take a look at how the actual game works and its rules we are going to explain how to get started on darts betting.

darts betting

How Are Darts Played?

Before you get into darts betting you must first understand how the game actually works.

The Basics

In order for a game of darts to be played, you need a dart board along with some darts and an opponent.

In professional tournaments, a game is carried out with only two people.

In order to be considered right, the dartboard must be hung in such a way that the bull’s eyes are 1.73m from the floor and be on the eye’s level of a 6ft man.

When a player throws his darts he must always be standing behind a line which in the game of Darts is called Oche.

The Oche is usually in a 2.37m distance from the dartboard’s face.

Even though the players can throw their darts in every way they want to they have to follow just one rule.

This rule states that the player should hold his darts between the thumb and the index finger.

In professional Darts each of the players has 3 darts and will throw all of them in one go.

The best way to aim is to centre the darts to your eye’s view because by doing that you can throw more straight.

Every dartboard consists of 20 zones which are all of the same exact sizes and feature a number of 1-20 in non-sequential order. The order of the numbers is standard which means that all the dart boards have exactly the same numbers order.

darts betting


Now that you know how the game works let’s take a look at the scoring.

Previously we mentioned that the dartboard consists of 20 zones.

If you hit one of the larger parts of a zone which are usually coloured black and yellow/white, you get the points assigned to this zone.

These parts are surrounded on two sides (above and below) each by red and green thin zones.

If a player hit the upper one you get double the points assigned to this zone. If you hit the lower one you get triple the points.

Then you have the small circle found in the middle of the dart board.

This is often referred to as Bulls Eye but this is what people get wrong. It consists of two parts the outer circle which is green and the inner circle which is red.

The outer circle is called the “Outer Bull” and if you hit it you get 25 points. The inner circle is called the “Inner Bull” and a hit on that is worth 50 points.

There is also the possibility for a player to not get any points in a throw. This can happen on two occasions.

He either doesn’t hit the board or anything but the outer wire or his dart doesn’t stay on the dartboard after the throw and it falls down. 0 points in each of those two cases.

The most points a player can accumulate on a single go to the dart is 180.

This can be done by hitting the triple point area in the 20 point zone thus getting 60 points three times.

darts betting


The most common game variation is called 501. Each player starts with 501 points and the points he gets on every round he throws his 3 darts are then subtracted from his points. The first player to reach exactly zero points wins.

A player can only win if he gets a “double out” to land exactly on zero points.

If he doesn’t and goes bust (below 0) then he starts from the points of his previous round and this will happen until one of the players gets exactly 0.

However, there are two other occasions where the player can go bust.

If the player is left with only one point (because he can’t get a “double out” with only one point) or he has 0 points but he didn’t get there with a double out which is a violation of the rules.

If none of the two (or more) players have reached 0 points after 20 turns then the player with the lowest score wins.

If they are tied then the game goes on for 10 maximum extra rounds.

If someone has 0 points or lower than the other player in any of the following round then he wins.

If both players have exactly the same points after all the possible 30 rounds have passed then the game ends in a draw.

These are the rules of the 501 dart game variation which are also applied on the Professional side of the sport.

Darts Betting: How To Get Started

When it comes to darts betting there are 6 main events you can place a bet on.

These are the Players Championships, PDC Champs, BDO Champs, BDO Women's, Premier League, and the Grand Slam of Darts.

1. Players Championships

The Players Championship is an event organized by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) where up to 128 players can take part.

The initial 64 couples go into a knock-out match in order to proceed to the next stage of 32 couples.

This goes on and on up until the final couple is left. The winner of this final game is also the winner of the Players Championship. The last 2017 one won Rob Cross on a 6-3 victory over Adrian Lewis.

2. PDC Champs

The PDC World Darts Championship has been going on since back on 1994 and the main sponsor of the event for the last 4 years has been none other than the famous British bookmaker William Hill.

Compared to the other major Championship, the BDO, players can choose to enter and take part only in one of two tournaments each year.

Large prize pools (1.65£ million in 2017) are offered in the PDC Champs and this is why most of the top players in the world prefer it over BDO’s one.

Since 1994 the player with the most titles has been Phil Taylor with 14 wins and 4 times runner-up in a total 24 appearances in the event.

The current champion is Michael van Gerwen who has only won 2 times and finished once as a runner-up in a total 10 appearances.

3. BDO Champs

The prize pool is very smaller than what is offered on the PDC tournaments and for that reason, the level of the players here is pretty lower as well.

Only 300,000£ compared to the 1.65£ million offered on the PDC Champs.

It has been held every year since 1978 and the top player is Eric Bristow with a total 5 wins and 2 times runner-up.

The current champion is Glen Durant who has only won a single time in his BDO Champs career and that was in the last one, BDO Champs 2017 that is.

4. BDO Women's

This one started in 2001 and the current record holder is Trina Gulliver who has won 10 out of the total 17 championships. She has also finished as the runner-up 2 times.

The current champion is Lisa Ashton who is actually the second best player in the history of the event as she has won 3 times and also finished once as the runner-up.

5. Premier League

The Premier League Darts tournament started back in 2005 and is organized by the PDC.

The event has been sponsored by top brands like Betway, McCoy’s, Whyte & Mackay, Holsten, and 888.com which is also the reason for its high prize pool. The last one featured a prize pool of 825,000£.

The all-time top winner of the event is none other than Phil Taylor who has won 6 times and finished as the runner-up 2 times in a total 13 appearances.

The current champion is Michael van Gerwen who has won 3 times and was the runner-up 2 times.

He has reached the final couple all 5 times he has taken part in the tournament and is also the second top winner after Phil Taylor.

6. Grand Slam of Darts

Another event organized by the PDC, the Grand Slam of Darts was established back in 2007 and has been one of the top professional Dart events ever since. It features a big prize pool of 450,000£ and is currently sponsored by Bwin.

Once more the all-time winner of the event is Phil Taylor who in 11 appearances has won 6 times and finished as the runner-up once.

The current champion is Michael van Gerwen who is also second top after Phil Taylor with 3 wins and one time runner-up in a total of 10 appearances.

All three of his wins have been in the last three times the event was held in 2015, 2016, and lastly 2017.


Either you are the one playing or you are just another spectator darts is an exciting game which unfortunately doesn’t take as much credit as it truly deserves.

Find out which are the top bookmakers here

We hope you found our article both informative and useful so you know how to get started on darts betting yourself.

Good luck with your future online Darts betting adventures!

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