English Premier League betting: top teams to win the 2017-18 EPL

The English Premier League kicked off with Arsenal and Leicester on August 11th. With more than 300 games in the season, find out here which are the top teams to place your money on. In the punting world, spotting a potential dark horse is key to outwitting the odds and making large profits. So, buckle up and get ready for massive winnings.

Of course, the favoured teams are already showing what they’re made of, but the first week proved to be the perfect time for underdogs to get a head start.

So, which are the top performing teams so far?

In the punting world, spotting a potential dark horse is key to outwitting the odds and making large profits. So, buckle up.

The Premier League is lengthy, but if you want to make the right bets, keep your eyes glued to the screen.

For fans of sports betting ,this August is proving to be the ultimate month for sporting events.

With a major fight in combat sports on one end and England’s most prestigious league on the other, we've been busy.

In this article, we’ll go over the top teams right now according to their performance in the league so far. Then, we’ll look at the odds currently on offer by our selected bookmakers. You can also find out how to make more money on your bets with these soccer prediction sites.

The English Premier League

The Big Four - Is The English Premier League Competitive?

Founded 25 years ago, the Premier League remains the most popular football league in the world. The league draws in an audience of around 4.7 billion people and is broadcasted in 212 different countries. 49 clubs have competed since its inception, but only six clubs have won the title

  • Manchester United (13)
  • Chelsea (5)
  • Arsenal (3)
  • Manchester City (2)
  • Blackburn Rover (1)
  • Leicester City (1)

During the 2000’s, the English Premier League was dominated by the four ‘big’ clubs, with Manchester United winning a whopping 13 times. It is not as bad as the Bundesliga, which has been consistently won by Bayern Munich - something which is unlikely to change.

With Leicester City winning the 2015-2016 League, we may see clubs who haven’t been successful in the past manage to break into the top 4 spots. Perhaps, one might even snatch the title from the Big Four teams.

The Top-Performing Teams

Aside from a brief overview of the best-performing teams, we’ll look at the bookmakers offering the best odds and platforms to bet on for their upcoming matches.

We selected Bookmakers we have previously underlined in our reviews for their in-play betting platforms, diversity of their markets, handicaps availability, and other factors such as liquidity, customer service, and mobile app.

Manchester United

Manchester United has played two games so far, winning 6 points with a +8 goal difference.

Clearly a powerhouse, they’ve swept Swansea away with four goals, scoring three of them within the span of 4 minutes.

Seasoned fans and experts have so far considered Manchester United slow and stodgy. This week, Manchester United clearly showed that while they may take their time to exert their will on a match, their quasi-militaristic style makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Manchester United will be playing this Saturday, 26th of August against Leicester.

The odds on Bet365 are:

  • Man Utd - 1.25
  • Draw - 5.75
  • Leicester - 11.00

Odds are also available on total scores and half time correct scores.

Since the odds are clearly stacked against Leicester, you might want to look for handicap markets.

the english premier league


Newcastle may not be the most consistent, but they are organised and difficult to overwhelm.

Huddersfield Town’s victory showed that they have something special, and that their £10 million spent on Aaron Mooey was a great investment. Mooy gave Huddersfield a dream home start, and the surprise they’ve caused can be shown in the odds.

Their chances of winning their next match, according to the bookmakers, are not too shabby. Will Huddersfield turn into the dark horse of this season, or fade away once things heat up?

Huddersfield will face Southampton this Saturday;

The odds, as shown on Bovada, are:

  • Huddersfield- 3.75
  • Draw- 3.30
  • Southampton -2.06

Although Southampton seems to be favoured, the odds are close. Here, personal knowledge and research will provide you a window to make a highly profitable wager.

Bovada is known for providing markets on international sport tournaments to the US, great reputation, and fantastic handicap markets.

West Bromwich Albion

The Albions have opened with two wins.

For the first time in a top flight campaign for nearly 40 years, they were lauded for achieving victory via totally different routes in each game. They have hit a couple of obstacles, with their star player - forward Robson-Kanu getting a red card after catching Matthew Lowton with a stray elbow. West Brom have appealed against the red card shown to Hal Robson-Kanu

Despite winning Saturday's 1-0 victory at Burnley in the Premier League, the referee’s decision could decide whether they rise or sink.

On Sunday, 27th August, West Brom will face Stoke. The odds on Pinnacle are:

  • West Brom 2.52
  • Draw 3.25
  • Stoke 3.18

Known for being the Walmart for punters, Pinnacle offer the best odds out there and have a winner welcome policy - which means successful punters don’t need to worry about being restricted.

The English Premier League


Another promising week in the history of Watford ended with a stunning performance on the road at Bournemouth.

Dominant on the pitch and strident in the stands, the Golden Boys certainly enjoyed their sunlit victory. Richarlison kept a strong defence and Etienne Capoue reminded everyone of his right foot power. In this last match, Harry Arter’s cheekily tricked Watford’s Nathaniel Chalobah by screaming ‘leave it’ just as he was about to pull the trigger from inside the box.

Thinking it is coming from a teammate, Chalobah did in fact ‘leave it’, leaving Bournemouth at an advantage, although not for too long.

On the 26th, Saturday, Watford will face off against Brighton & Hove Albion.

The odds, according to Leo Vegas, are:

  • Watford- 1.91
  • Draw- 3.50
  • Brighton -4.20

Leo Vegas has an array of markets available for each of the upcoming Premier League matches. Moreover, it is the ideal bookie for punters on the move. Its mobile app and live-betting platform are the best out there.


Goal-shy Southampton met the ideal opponents in their match against West Ham. Southampton squandered their a two-goal, receiving two goals from West Ham towards the end of the Match.

Thankfully, Charlie Austin converted a penalty in the third minute of stoppage time to beat 10-man West Ham 3-2. With two games under their belt, Southampton are definitely in the lead, but will their luck run out?

Southampton will be facing off against Huddersfield this Saturday. By Sunday, one of the two teams will fall off this list.

Manchester City

They placed third in the 2016/17 Premier League football season. After spending a jaw-dropping amount of money on transfers, Man City has made its intent to take the crown clear. They’ve spent close to £200 million this summer, and Pep Guardiola is still not done.

The signing of Ederson Moraes, known for his energy, confidence, and ability to disturb opposing defence, has put Manchester City as a definite favourite. Manchester City will face Everton in tonight.

On Betfair, odds on the game are:

  • Manchester City 1.30
  • Draw 6.00
  • Everton 11.00

The bookmaker giant is known for setting the odds for most other sportsbooks in the gaming industry. It has no commission rates, guarantees the most accurate odds, and has enough liquidity to absorb high withdrawals. If you’re going for the win, Betfair is the right bookie for you.

The english premier league


As the league unfolds, teams will rise and fall off the top. We will be updating you every couple of weeks and discuss the teams that make it to the upper echelons of the ranking table, and the teams that fall behind. Consider this part 1.

Some advice: Premier League is the UK’s most prestigious tournament and one of the most powerful leagues in the world. It also makes more money than most other leagues combined.

Before you start placing stakes, you might want to look at our betting tips on the Premier League to help you understand what you need to make smart and reliable wagers.

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