What is a fixed football match and where to bet on it?

Fixed matches do take place, even way more often than we think. What is a fixed football match, how to figure out a fixed match and bet on in?

Even though the term “Fixed” Football Match may appear as something completely new to you we bet that you already know what it refers to but you didn’t know it is officially called something like that.

A fixed game is any game in any competitive sport the result of which has been predefined, usually by a group of people.

In todays article we will discuss:

What Is a Fixed Football Match?

If you are accustomed to watching football games and especially if you have been a fan of the sport for at least a few years now then you already know what a fixed game is.

Let us explain by giving you a simple example. Let’s say that two teams of significant difference in strength go against each other.

For the sake of this example, we will go with Manchester City, which is currently first in the Premier League, and Southampton which is in the 18th place and if that doesn’t change could so for be demoted.

Now let’s say that the last game of the season is between the two. Manchester City has already won the league due to a big point difference to the runner-up and Southampton will be demoted unless they get a draw.

If the presidents of the two teams or any staff members were to personally meet and agree on the two teams performing equally so that the game would end in a draw then that would be considered match-fixing and would be illegal.

But why could something like this happen? We talk more about it in the following section.

What Is a Fixed Football Match – Where To Bet On It

Why Do Fixed Football Games Exist?

The answer is simple. Because they serve a big range of things!

The two most common reasons are the good relationship between two teams and the other one is betting, the latter of which we are going to explain later.

To fill you in with more information regarding the first reason, if we took the example from the previous section of the article there would be many advantages towards Manchester City.

If they were to go against Southampton on another game in the following season where that time Manchester City was in need for points then Southampton could possibly lose on purpose just to help the Blues out.

Would something like that be good for them? Yes. Would it be ethical? Of course not!

When it comes to betting though, fixed matches are a possible goldmine. Let’s say that you get the information of a game being fixed.

The odds of the team that is going to win are usually those offered to an underdog, so you would most likely be looking at something with minimum odds of 2.00.

So what will you do? Bet a LOT of money on it.

Is Fixed Betting Illegal?

Even though fixing a game is illegal that only applies to the people that were actually involved in the process of arranging how the game will be played out.

Now, if you were part of the deal or you played any part in the process of fixing a game then you would be in trouble if the law finds out about it.

If not, however, you wouldn’t have any problems. But you must be careful because if you were to just show up on a bookmaking office and placed a huge bet in favor of an underdog out of the blue then you could spark conversations.

Conversations that could lead to someone letting police into your little secret. Or the bookmaker could just deny accepting your bet which they can rightfully do without even having to explain you why.

But where can you bet on such games and how could you find out if a game is being fixed? Is it even remotely possible to know when the result of a specific game has been arranged before the actual game even begins?

Is Fixed Betting Illegal?

Where Would You Bet On a Fixed Football Match?

Even though this is a silly question we do have to provide an answer to it. In fact, let us answer by giving you another question.

Where would you bet on any football match?

Yes, the answer is simple. Since the bookmaker isn’t aware of you knowing that a game has been fixed then they wouldn’t have a reason to suspect you for foul play.

Therefore their logical action would be to accept your bet and then pay you out your winnings from it.

So the answer to your question would be that you can bet on a fixed football match on any online sports betting site or a bookmaker’s physical office.

Should You Bet On Fixed Football Matches?

That depends on two things. First, are you aware that the game has been fixed for sure?

Because if you base your decision of betting on a game just because you think it has been fixed without actually having knowledge of something like that having happened then you may want to reconsider.

Second, how much do you want to risk?

The explanation to that question is depending on what you answered for the first one. If you do actually know for sure that a game is fixed then you should bet a big amount of money on it.

If you don’t then it is strongly advised that you don’t risk an exaggerated sum.

How To Spot a Fixed Football Match?

Here is where the part of the article you all came here for begins.

Now that you know what is and where would you bet on a fixed football match it is about high time that we actually took a look to the actual practices that could help you spot a game that is very likely to be fixed.

This section of the article is going to be divided into two parts. Those are:

  1. Before the game starts
  2. During the game

Even though it is easier to find out whether a game has been fixed or not by actually watching it there are some specific things that could give out if something fishy is going on.

1.Before The Game Starts

You can actually see how much money has been wagered on a game and that could say much about whether a game has been fixed or not.

Even if you don’t have access to premium (and usually very expensive) software that would let you see the amount of money bet on each game you could always visit the site of Betfair Exchange.

Even better, there you can see how much money is bet on each possible outcome of a football game. If you see a lot of money being bet on the underdog or a specific selection like for example, the Under 2.5 having 5,000£ wagered on it then that could be a sign of the game being fixed.

Also, have there been any change to the lineup or the staff?

It is very common that some players may not agree to let the game being fixed. Therefore, they could deny playing in that specific game. Look out for such changed as they could be giving out more information than you would normally think they would.

2.During The Game

This section is going to include a lot of useful tips so make sure that you pay much attention to what we say. There are a lot of things that could suggest that a football match is fixed.

The very first one we would like to talk about is when the first goal of the game occurs. It is very rare for the first goal of a game to be scored in the first 30 seconds or the first couple of minutes.

Yes, it could be a defensive mistake from one of the two teams but it could also mean that the goal is conceded for the sole reason of not raising any suspicions during the remaining time of the game.

Next thing to keep an eye out for is the pace. The team that is fixed to win is going to appear eager to score a goal by running faster than normal and exceeding themselves whereas the team that is fixed to lose is most likely going to appear as lazy or out of form.

They will be losing the ball all the time. Also, they would lose even the easiest opportunities for a goal. There are some subtle signs that could give up the secret of the game being fixed. Normally a player losing an opportunity for a goal would act furious or sad.

But when a game is fixed then the player will try to “act” as if he cared when in reality they already knew they would mess up or even did it entirely on purpose.

When a game is being fixed the coach is probably in it as well. Pay close attention to his decisions.

Is he keen on substituting key players, probably the strongest attacker or defender, from the game in order to replace them with weakest players?

In order for a game to be fixed almost everybody that participates in the game must be aware of it. That includes the referee as well.

Is he throwing yellow and red cards to everyone who just minds his own business? After all, he will appear to be aggressive without the need of being like that.

That goes both ways. He may be letting one of the teams go unpunished when they are obviously very offensive towards the other team’s players.

Hard tackles and fouls that go “unnoticed” is a clear sign of a game probably being fixed.

When Should You Bet On a Fixed Game?

Unless you know for sure that a game has been fixed you shouldn’t bet on it before the actual game has begun.

Also, even though it may sound impossible to you, the bookmakers might be aware of a game being fixed. In fact, the bookmaker could offer what appears to be a great “opportunity” by letting you use a great odd like an Under 2.5 when a goal has been scored in the first minutes of a game.

An odd like 3.00 would get you in temptation and you would easily bet on it but the bookmaker may already know that more than 2 goals are agreed to be scored throughout the game.

So what can you do to make sure that you place a good bet? Wait until the first half is over.

When the second half kicks in the odds will be changed to how they would normally be like.

Put yourself in the bookmaker’s shoes. Wouldn’t you do the same thing to lure new punters into placing bad bets that just appear to be good?

Also, don’t bet on the number of fouls, corners etc. Even though it sounds weird, the number of the corners and fouls to take place during a game may be arranged as well.

If for example, 6 corners happen in the first half you would think that 9 corners happening throughout the whole game would be an easy to win bet whereas it would be a trick to lure you into betting large amounts of money on it.

And remember, betting big sums of money on difficult bets like these or any bet, in general, isn’t advised unless you are pretty experienced.


This is all you need to know in order to be able to place a good bet. What is and where would you bet on a fixed football match?

You must be aware of the right answers by now. Why don’t you go online and place a bet to check out what you have learned?

But before you do make sure that you follow our website to keep up with the latest information regarding the sports betting and gambling world.

Now go and place some money on a fixed football match.

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