Greyhound betting tips: what you need to know

Greyhound racing is taking off as fast as these race dogs can run. How important is your knowledge of running styles for each dog? Lastly, should you avoid short-priced favourites? See our 5 greyhound betting tips before you start placing your bets on this emerging and super exciting sport.

As any type of sports betting, you have found yourself questioning the end of goal of your wagers. Such as; what are the keys to betting on greyhound racing? How can one make a profit? How heavily do race conditions affect the final performance?

How important is your knowledge on running styles for each dog ? Lastly, should you avoid short priced favorites?

Well to cut things short, yes it they are all important factors to consider. This might seem overwhelming to a punter who has little experience betting on greyhounds.

The good news is that we compiled a list of greyhound betting systems and all you need to know. After all, it’s imperative you understand the sport you will be spending both time and money on.

GreyHound Betting Tips

GreyHound Betting Tips

#1: Check conditions, look out for any bias especially during wet weather

This is an outdoor sports event. Like any other outdoor sport, the weather is unreliable variable. Track conditions will come into play on the day of the race.

We recommended you keep an attentive eye on the first couple of races on the card.

Wet weather can favour wide runners as the contours of all the tracks can prove to be challenging. For the stronger runners will come out strong.

Contrary , in the winter when conditions in the evening are often freezing and low temperatures , many tracks get very compacted and in the inside runners can dominate for many weeks.

The track condition will favour some dogs whilst dampen the performance of most. It’s important you check the track conditions in the hours leading up to the race.

#2: Opt for well drawn dogs over the faster and typical "unlucky losers"

The majority of dogs will begin at very short prices. This is due to the fact that they will be recovering from an unlucky defeat and try to recuperate as quickly as possible.

The faster dogs who are overlooked will be underpriced as a result. Bookmakers focus on the favourites but we think it’s far better to look for well drawn runners.

Most races are won by the dog that gets the cleanest run and, in graded racing especially, the first 100 yards out of the traps are extremely significant to the outcome of the race.

#3: Choose a young pup

Some of the best advice we can give any punters reading this article is to ; place your money on the younger and least experienced runner. Unlike other sports, this is a sport where the spring chicken is the obvious choice.

Any greyhound that has ran 20 or so races is gradually improving, learning how to trap better and run the bends more smoothly.

These young and eager dogs are more likely to out run a tapped out dog. It is impressive how these vigorous dogs quickly rise to the occasion.

Even outrunning some of the well established dogs on the race-card.

Hooking on to a young dog at the onset of his career can prove to be very profitable for any punters interested.

#4: Try and visualise how a race will be run

This is a skill that will require both time and experience. Race reading is a skill which can only be attained after hours of attentively observing track races and taking notes.

You will begin to understand tracks which suit certain dogs better and tracks which offer more of challenging race.

Each track has certain bends and curves which dogs might find difficult to race well in, whilst other dogs will thrive in.

Therefore this skill can only be achieved once you’ve become familiar with the dogs running the race and their preferred running style.

A profitable punters know this is no easy task, but with the right amount of time and experience you will be able to predict the outcome of a race.

#5: Avoid punting on every race or chasing your losses

With so much dog racing there is plenty of choice for the astute punter. Although you might be eager, you should pace yourself and bet on each greyhound race you can get your hands on.

Steer clear of betting on the shortest price, in the long run this will prove to have a low profit. Instead, try and play the strongest dog is at it’s highest.

This is a sport which requires you to take the time to familiarise yourself with it. The more you know the better quality of your bets.

There are plenty of greyhound races each year, so there is really no rush !

Look for value odds as much as likely winners.

If you keep looking for them, you will learn to spot them fairly quickly.Look at the age. Generally a running dog will reach its peak at two. A bitch will peak at around three.

Choose from greyhounds that have run a few decent races. Avoid placing large bets on greyhounds that have good form but are hit by frequent poor form.

Pay attention to the trap draw when collecting form information of winners. A greyhound that has shown to perform better running from, say, trap 1 may not win in a race where he has been allocated trap 5.

If a greyhound is heavily backed just a few minutes before the start of the race and his odds are sharply reduced, bet on it. This is a strong indication that somebody has reliable favorable information about the greyhound that nobody else is aware of.

When making selections, always give preference to greyhounds that ran recently. Greyhounds that have not raced for several weeks may have suffered some setbacks like an injury or an illness.

No matter how good his form was if it is not recent, chances are the greyhound will not win.

It is best not to replay your winnings, at least not immediately. If you want to be in control, you must put back in your pocket some or most of your winnings.

We hope that these Greyhound betting tips and what you need to know will help you in your next bet. Should you have any more you’d like to share please comment or simply get in touch!

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