Introductory guide to virtual sports betting

Virtual sports may just be the future of online betting. See our latest guide to virtual sports betting to make sure you are up-to-date with the industry.

Virtual sports’ betting has become something of a phenomenon in the betting industry. It’s common to find virtual sports betting included into fantasy sports bookmakers offerings.

In this introductory guide to virtual sports betting, we will delve into the improved technology that has created fantastic visuals and graphics for virtual sports bettors.

Virtual sports’ betting has grown exponentially due to games like Fifa and Football Manager.

With the introduction of virtual sports betting, you can handpick your own fantasy teams and also place wagers on computer generated matches and leagues.

You can bet on the virtual sports betting versions of football, baseball, hockey and horse racing. With all this said and done, it’s safe to say that, virtual sports betting is here to stay.

The ASB Guide To Virtual Sports Betting

virtual sports bettingWhat Are Virtual Sports?

The betting industry is constantly looking for new betting options to offer to their punters. Virtual sports’ betting has become part of the reason why a punter will sign up to a specific bookmaker.

It has been a staple feature for any leading bookie.

Virtual sports’ betting offers a completely new side to betting. It springs from fantasy sports and inspired by real life sports events.

They are recreated sports and resemble the real sport very closely. The bookmaker you choose will set up at the virtual game. The outcomes will be generated from each event by a computer algorithm, which picks the winner in a non-bias way.

The great thing about virtual sports is that they can be played at any hour of the day.

The bettor will bet on the final outcome of the sports event and chose the team by carefully analyzing the odds offered. You will be provided with the ‘fake’ histories and profiles of the players from the bookmaker.

You can access a vast range of sports through virtual sports betting and wager in your bets at any time.

What Are The Features of Virtual Sports Betting?

As virtual sports betting has increased in demand, customers expect nothing less than the best online betting experience.

The graphics and features, which are offered, are innovative and advanced.

The aim behind the graphics is to make the bettor feel as though they are experiencing the sporting event first hand like you’re on the track. This is how accurate the graphics in virtual sports is.

Bookmakers also add features such as ‘live’ commentary during the sports event and sounds of the crowd cheering when the team scores/ loses. Some of the better-known bookmakers also sing the club anthem before the start of the match.

Virtual sports are created with the most advanced technology, which means that bettors will be in for a new experience like no other.

The software platforms render the player to feel as though they are in the actual sports environment.

What Are The Advantages?

It’s important to keep in mind that bookmakers would not be offering virtual sports betting if it was not profitable. Any serious bettor should not easily dismiss this type of betting.

Here are some of the main advantages of virtual sports betting:

  • At the click of a button, customers can bet on various sports with races and events every 90 seconds on most sites.
  • It is relatively easy to play and anyone can win. Anyone can participate without any real knowledge about sports betting.
  • There are more opportunities, which means there are more ways to win.
  • For the beginners reading this article, you can start placing wagers to practice any sports betting strategies you would like to use on actual sports betting.
  • Virtual football betting is a great adaptation to the actual sport. Football is a widely popular sport, especially in betting. This is great place to learn how to bet on football and learn the tactics to get you ahead of the game.
  • All the matches and events are streamed in high quality video.
  • You can bet 24 hours a day offering a sea of opportunities.

Is It Easy To Place A Bet On Virtual Sports?


You can use virtual sports betting to test the waters.

Use this space to test your betting skills if you are a novice in the betting market. Since the sports are a recreation, you can easily anticipate and then place your bets as you see fit.

Betting on virtual sports does not necessitate that you’re up to date with the latest data and knowledge like you would, when a real sporting event is concerned.

When betting on virtual sports you will only have the offered odds and no extra information like the players’ current physical condition or the teams history with the opposing team etc.

Is Virtual Betting More Regulated than Normal Sports Betting?

Virtual gambling is definitely more regulated than normal sports betting. It is more regulated because there are hardly any scams or fixes which you might find in the more conventional kinds of betting.

There are also no unexpected events that could affect the sporting event. Example: the weather could affect the way player’s play on the pitch or the way a horse runs the track.

In virtual betting there are variables which can be controlled. This means that you have a higher chance of winning since there are fewer things which are out of your control.

An Introductory Guide To Virtual Sports BettingWhat Virtual Sports Are Offered?

The main bookmakers will offer virtual sports to their punters. They tend to focus on;

  • Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Greyhound Races
  • Tennis
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cycling
  • And many more

Virtual football:

Virtual football is in high demand among bettors. Football usually offers the widest selection of odds for bettors.

Matches may be drawn between nations and different clubs. Punters will have the opportunity to choose the winning team and even the number of goals scored by that team, amongst other types of bets.

To really allow the punter to experience the sport, they can view a representation of the game as it unfolds. Although, this usually only lasts for a few minutes.

Virtual horse racing:

Virtual horse racing is another popular choice for virtual sport bettors. Betting sites highly promote these events by appealing to bettors with virtual tournaments and attractive prizes.

The virtual horse races attract quite the audience with the fantastic graphic animations and distinctive features.

Horse racing is easy to follow as bettors choose their horses and battle against each other to see whom the final winner is.

Virtual greyhound races:

Virtual greyhound races offer additional options to place bets and are truly enjoyed by bettors.

The virtual greyhound races are based upon the traditional races and manage to recreate the atmosphere, which is lost in the real sport.

Final Words

Virtual reality provides limitless opportunities for sports enthusiast to take advantage of it. As the betting industry expands, virtual sports gains more and more momentum.

With this introductory guide to virtual sports betting, you should have more knowledge on the technological experience awaiting you.

Virtual sports’ betting is also brilliant for beginners who are testing out there different betting styles. It is also great for those experienced punters who are looked to spice things up!

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