LeoVegas tennis betting markets

The tennis season is a fun and exciting time for all fans and punters. Today you can bet on the Leo Vegas tennis betting markets open for punters to place wagers. LeoVegas Sport is widely considered to be the No. 1 sportsbooks for this sport, featuring both traditional and in-play coverage of tennis tournaments.

Betting on tennis has become one of the most lucrative avenues for punters worldwide, now second only to soccer in terms of popularity.

In the world of tennis, the four Grand Slam tournaments sits atop the pyramid of all leagues on a global level, which means that for punters who want to make a profit off tennis, finding the best-betting markets on these four tournaments is crucial.

LeoVegas Sport is widely considered to be the true No. 1 sportsbooks for this sport, featuring both traditional and in-play coverage of tennis tournaments around the world.

Unlike most major leagues, Tennis distinguishes itself as a sport that is as gladiatorial as boxing, yet remains strictly non-contact.

It pits two rivals against one another in the most physical and athletic of environments.

Moreover, it is the only sport where matches between women and female are equally famous and lucrative. Since its early days, players like Margaret Court, Martina Navratilova, and Serena Williams have dominated the tennis scene along with male stars like Bjorn, Novak, and Nadal.

The four Grand Slam tournaments also referred to as the Majors, are especially popular: the US and Australian tournaments are played on hard courts, the French Open is played on red clay courts, and Wimbledon is played on grass courts.

Remember, if you want to make money betting on tennis, you must learn how to find value bets by studying both the players themselves and how their performance is influenced by different types of courts.

In this article, we’ll look at what makes LeoVegas an exceptional bookmaker for tennis punters, focusing on the odds it offers, its in-play betting platform, and the markets it has available.

leo vegas tennis betting markets

LeoVegas: Providing The Ultimate Mobile Gaming Experience

Founded in 2011 by Gustaf Hagman (Group CEO) and Robin Ramm-Ericson (Chairman of the Board & CXO), LeoVegas was built with one fundamental aim: to become a leader in mobile gaming experience across Europe.

The rapid increase in smartphone usage has propelled LeoVegas to most top 10 bookmakers lists, both on our website and others.

Based out of Malta, the Swedish gaming company employs Kambi Group, a B2B provider of sports betting services, to handle their platform’s front end user interface, odds compilation, and customer intelligence.

LeoVegas was a finalist in ICE Magazine’s ‘Best Gaming Operator of the Year’ in 2013, it was named the ‘Mobile Casino Product of the Year’ by EGR Innovation Awards in 2014.

It has recently announced that it will be the main sponsor of the 2017 Malta Pride, making it one of the first leading betting iGaming companies in Malta to foster close ties with the Maltese community.

LeoVegas: How good Are The Odds?

The company that sets the odds for their sportsbook is called Kambi Sports Solutions. Equipped with many years of odds compiling experience in this competitive industry, Kambi provides odds for other well-known bookies such as 888sport and Unibet.

They do not try to advertise their odds as uniquely low, instead, they focus on providing true odds that are competitive and will hold.

For LeoVegas, partnering with a technology firm such as Kambi was a strategic move to allow itself to focus on creating a unique user experience for punters.

With LeoVegas, you don’t need to worry about markets getting suspended or low limits on how much you can win - you are guaranteed a top notch betting experience.

LeoVegas uses SSL encryption technology, to ensure the protection of all personal and financial data.

Leo Vegas tennis betting market

Leo Vegas: The Betting Markets

With over 36 sports to choose from, LeoVegas caters to the interests of most punters, both new and seasoned. Perhaps incorrectly listed as ‘sports’, LeoVegas also offers odds on politics, WWE, and novelty belts on TV Shows and other popular events such as elections.

LeoVegas offers over 200 different markets on the English Premier League, second only to Bet365.

LeoVegas’ pre-match and tournaments tennis betting odds come straight from the royal enclosure, ensuring they are the most accurate odds available out there. Tennis betting lines remain so popular amongst punters thanks to their simplicity - there is no room for draws as in many other team sports.

Tennis odds are highly competitive and offer a great winning return by point, game, and set, even if the winner of the overall match is easy to identify.

This is where in-play betting on Tennis comes in.

LeoVegas: In-play Betting Platform

In tennis, the performance of the players is as important as who actually wins.

This means that live tennis odds can be much more attractive to bet on.

This is where your knowledge of how a particular court may be affecting a player’s game will give you a leg up over others punters. Watch on as the climates and conditions of a gruelling schedule take their toll on the best tennis players in the world and see new challengers rise to the top.

So enjoy the thrill of watching the game with a bet on tennis online and discover the adrenaline of aces, spectacular scores by underdogs, and the superhuman stamina of the best players.

LeoVegas Sport places a lot of emphasis on live betting so it is very easy to navigate to the in-play markets and upcoming matches - both on mobile and desktop.

For each sport and event, LeoVegas Sports offers multiple in-play markets.

Punters can either go straight to "Live now" by clicking on the first tab, or navigate to a sport first and then switch between "Live & Upcoming", "Outrights" and "Browse Sport".

No matter which sport you select, you will see the live betting markets first and can then click your way through to upcoming fixtures and outright markets from there.

leo vegas tennis betting markets


Also known as the tennis spread, tennis handicaps are the perfect markets to place a stake on when a match looks too one-sided for the expect winner’s odds to be profitable. If the expected winner’s odds are a 1.20, return on investment will be too low.

Handicaps create a betting market where the threshold for the expected winner to be proclaimed the victor is higher.

The underdog is given a set advantage, and the expected winner is given a set deficit. For example, player a can be given +1.5 sets at odds of 1.66. If you bet on this player at 1.5 sets, your bet is a winner so long as this play wins or at the very least doesn’t lose by more than 1.5 sets.

The above markets are called set handicaps. Alternatively, you can place stakes on Games handicaps. In this case, if we bet on Verdasco +5.5 games at odds of 1.727, our bet is a winner as long as his total number of games won during the match is at the very least within 5 of his opponent’s total.

To learn more about handicap betting and how to take advantage of these kinds of markets.

LeoVegas - The Markets

At LeoVegas Sport, the year kicks off with the Australian Open betting in January, where punters get to pick from the best markets on the tournament and decide who will start the year with a title. Heading into the summer season, the French Open betting tournament sees the best players competing on clay.

Then comes the big one. Wimbledon is contested by the very best in hair-raising matches. If you want to bet on these tennis matches in Wimbledon, buckle up, it is tense and nerve-wracking.

Remember, making money betting on tennis comes down to three cardinal rules: first, learn how to find value’ second, apply a sound money management strategy; and third, maintain discipline.

Learn how to avoid common mistakes other punters make and implement a staking plan that will allow you to bet responsibly.

A month or so after the Wimbledon league, it’s the turn of the US Open tennis betting odds to roll into town.

There are three tiers to men’s professional tennis; the ATP tour which is the top tier, the ATP Challenger Tour and the ITF Futures Tour, with each playing an important role in keeping the tennis machine rolling.

The ATP World Tour is the global elite men's professional tennis circuit, organised by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).

The 2017 ATP World Tour calendar comprises the Grand Slam tournaments (supervised by the International Tennis Federation (ITF)), the ATP World Tour Masters 1000s, the ATP World Tour 500 series.

The ATP World Tour 250 series, the ATP Finals, and the Davis Cup (organized by the ITF). Also included in the 2017 calendar is the Hopman Cup, which is organized by the ITF and does not distribute ranking points.

leo vegas tennis betting markets


With a very high rating on all its features, from its customer care, liquidity, to market diversity, LeoVegas remains one of the top bookmakers to go for when betting on Tennis markets.

If you’re new to LeoVegas, we suggest you take advantage of their welcome promotions.

At LeoVegas, you can also benefit from free tennis tips are given regularly from resident tennis betting experts whether it be for tennis handicap betting or Wimbledon bets that are likely to succeed on centre court.

A Bookmaker like LeoVegas stacks the odds firmly in your favour, so take full advantage and wait for the right opportunity to make a golden bet.

Good luck!

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