McGregor signs with Betsafe: get the best odds

As the fight of the decade fast approaches, less than a week away news from the Irish UFC star makes the headlines once again. This time it’s not about a tweet or the glove size, but the news that he has signed with Betsafe.

Betsafe is a Swedish sports betting brand that has teamed up with Conor McGregor. He will proudly wear the Betsafe logo on his shorts on the 26th of August at the T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas, as he walks into the ring for the fight of his life.

The news of McGregor signing with Betsafe has sent reverberations around the betting sphere and the bookmakers. Betsafe have once in a lifetime promotions for those punters who are looking to get front seats for a show like no other.

In this article, we will highlight what Betsafe has to offer to punters that other bookmakers might have missed out on. Read on to find out how you could be on your way to Las Vegas for the upcoming fight and also get the best odds around.

McGregor signs with betsafe

Why Place A Bet With Betsafe?

A question we asked ourselves too.

The Swedish bookmaker is currently offering those fans that are interested the chance to win a trip to Las Vegas to watch the fight. The lucky winner will travel on board McGregor’s private jet’ Notorious Airways’- talk about fancy.

What’s more is that Betsafe is also giving the new customers that sign up with Betsafe exclusive odds of 49/1 that McGregor will beat Mayweather who currently has a boxing undefeated record of 49-0.

The odds on McGregor winning by way of knockout also changed dramatically, with Betsafe shortening the odds on a McGregor KO victory from 7/1 to 6/1.

Betting With Betsafe

As the brand ambassador for Betsafe, the odds on Conor McGregor and definitely worth your while. The current promotion has been tagged as #49/1, McGregor to steal Floyd’s 50th win.

All you need to do is open an account and place a €/£1 minimum on McGregor to beat Mayweather @50.00 on 49/1 odd.

The current odds on McGregor winning by way of knockout also changed dramatically, with Betsafe shortening the odds on a McGregor KO victory from 7/1 to 6/1.

McGregoe signs with betsafe

Why Did Betsafe Choose McGregor?

As a sporting events gather momentum and attention, the top brands choose to back who they believe has what it takes to go all the way.

Like Betsafe, fans worldwide are rooting for the underdog and although Mayweather has the experience behind his jabs, fingers are crossed for the UFC star to claim another victory.

Betsafe saw the yearning for McGregor to win and most importantly the potential in the fighter.

As Nicola Fitton, Managing Director at Betsafe said,

"We firmly believe that passion always overcomes the odds, and there is no sports star in the world today that both inspires and embodies passion as much as Conor."

Conor McGregor is a bookmakers dream. He is not shy to speak his mind, he matches his words with unrivalled talent and even though the odds might be against him he has not shown one sign of weakness.

This is why Betsafe have chosen to support him, he is a character that embodies their brand.

UFC champ McGregor firmly believes he can upset the odds and stop Mayweather reaching a perfect 50-0 record by delivering Floyd his first professional defeat to make that record 49-1.

How Can You Benefit From The 49/1 Odds?

To mark this special occasion, Betsafe is offering new customers the opportunity to place money on the outrageously valuable odds of 49/1 that Conor will win the fight.

Taking into consideration that the odds are currently 4-1, this is quite the money grab for punters.

Above this, one lucky punter is eligible to win two tickets to watch the fight and win a two-night stay at the luxurious Bellagio Hotel and Casino and return flights to Las Vegas on Conor McGregor's private jet. All you have to do is join Betsafe today.

Conor McGregor announced that :

‘Today I’m happy to announce that I’m partnering up with Betsafe,” McGregor said. “It is an honour for me to be an Ambassador for this great brand. Although real gamblers know the odds are stacked against them, we also know that passion overcomes the odds.”

McGregor signs with betsafe

What Else Do You Need To Know About Betsafe?

Betsafe also represents Manchester City, Tony Bellew, Jimi Manuwa, Cage Warriors, and Saracens but McGregor will take centre stage for the coming weeks.

This is normal for sporting heroes who are larger than life, like Conor McGregor. They always make fantastic brand ambassadors like Usain Bolt for PokerStars and former England captain Alan Shearer at Coral.

Betsafe have jumped on the wagon and decided to endorse McGregor weeks away from the biggest fight in history on the 26th of August In Las Vegas.

This is a reputable bookmaker offering some of the best odds for not only this fight but other sports too.


The McGregor Vs Mayweather fight is days away and we can’t wait to see who will throw the first punch, which round will prove to be the defining one of the fight and ultimately who will win.

Conor McGregor is a brand ambassador for Betsafe, this reassures fans of the Irish MMA star who might have doubted him a for a second. An established brand like Betsafe has decided to support him, knowing that he has the passion to win this fight.

Together with their fantastic odds and promotions, Betsafe is your one-stop shop for betting on the upcoming fight on the 26th of August.

Betsafe state on their website that ‘ Of course Betsafe is backing our man to stop Mayweather from reaching this milestone with an industry leading off of 49/1, and with McGregor predicting he will knock the American out between rounds one to four, why not get behind the UFC superstar!’

GO, TEAM McGregor!

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