North and South Korea to unify before 2024: chances named by bookies

For well over 70 years, the Northern and Southern peninsula of Korea have been divided. However, online sports betting sites suppose that more than ever before, there seems to be hopes of them reuniting. Punters have not hesitated to hop on this opportunity.

According to the 1xBet online bookmaker, the odds of North and South Korea reunifying as a single sovereign state, recognized by the United Nations, by the end of 2023 are set at 2.97 (197/100 Fractional; +197 American), estimated at a probability of about 34%.

The origin of the division of North and South Korea dates far back to World War II. The countries used to be one singular unified state, until they became casualties of the Cold War.

The Soviet Union, over the years after the war, set up a Communist regime in the North. Meanwhile, towards the South, the U.S.-supported government titled more towards democratic, anti-communist ideologies.

In 1948, after plans for the Koreans to determine their own national future fell to the ground, the North and the South established governments in line with their former regimes.

The Korean War (1950-53), claiming over 2.5 million people, further grounded enmity between the two peninsulas. However, since 2000, processes geared towards the reunification of the two peninsulas have commenced, with the leaders of both governments seemingly making conscious steps towards this goal.

On the other hand, recent world events have changed the state of things. The need for both regions to take sides, in preparation for projected wars, opposed South Korea against North Korea. The event of both peninsulas reuniting is a topic that is still up for hot political debate.

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