Odds of Portugal winning FIFA World Cup 2018

Looking to place a bet for the World Cup 2018? Portugal has a promising team this year with team captain, Ronaldo. Here are the odds of Portugal winning the FIFA World Cup 2018

With so much promise in years gone by and golden eras of football marked by giants of the game such as the Costa brothers, Louis Figo and oh so many more, many a fan must often wonder why Portugal was such scant showings of silverware in their trophy cabinets.

This is perhaps one of the cases of always a bridesmaid and never a bride with so many iconic players in the country’s history only ever managing a best of third place way back in the 1966 FIFA World Cup.

You can also see the odds of these top countries in the World Cup 2018: Brazil, Germany, France, and Spain.

In more recent attempts they have only got as far as the fourth place in the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany.

But all this could change in the coming instalment of this historic football spectacle!

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What Are Portugal's Odds And Predictions?

Having taken the most recent UEFA championship in 2016 this team is playing like a house on fire even though many of the current crops in the starting squad may not ring a bell with those who are not too familiar with happenings in the football world.

Nevertheless, bookmakers have given Portugal the same odds as England to win the World Cup at 20 to 1, which may not be grand but certainly places them in the upper echelons of the tournament favourites.

Some of the names in the squad do bring a wealth of both talent and experience such as the vice-captain, Pepe who plays for Besiktas, as well as the veteran Bruno Alves who now appears for Rangers in his twilight years.

It is however without a doubt their fearless leader who holds the key to their success.

Cristiano Renaldo is perhaps as big a star as the football world may ever see and interestingly is also Portugal’s most capped player and goal scorer extraordinaire.

Even though he and the team met with bitter disappointment in the last competition, they seem to have found their rhythm and are definitely a fierce contender for the title this year.

In all fairness, their 2018 group is no easy ride but with their form, an excellent mix of experience and youth as well as their enigmatic leader at the helm, do not be surprised to see them vying for the top spot in the knockout rounds.

The current bookmaker with the best odds for Portugal is Leo Vegas.

2018 World Cup Predictions Top Teams

Portugal In The last World Cup

In the 2014 FIFA World Cup, there were many a shocked and disappointed fan and the Portuguese fans were no different having to watch their team knocked out in the group stages.

Admittedly, Portugal was perhaps drawn in the toughest group of the completion coming up against the tournament champions Germany, as well as USA and Ghana - both of whom are no slouches on the pitch.

Their first game against Germany saw them go down 4-0, with Germany reminding the football world of their clinical precision and deadly finishing.

It was perhaps the red card which was shown to one of the core team members, Pepe during this game which served to derail the competition for the Portuguese team, who thereafter drew 2-2 to the USA.

Portugal would later bounce back to claim a victory against the bottom of the group, Ghana.

This was however too little, too late as the USA had already secured their spot in the round of 16.

2018 World Cup Predictions Top Teams

How Will Portugal Fare In The Group Matches?

For Group B:

  • Spain
  • Morocco
  • Iran
  • Portugal

Even though there is some tough competition for Portugal during the group stages, having to face off against arch-rivals Spain, Morocco and Iran, the Portuguese team should not have too many problems going through to the knockout stages.

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Their first game against Spain will no doubt be a litmus test for their competition hopes with bookmakers giving them odds of 17 to 5 to take the match.

This will be telling of not only their hunger to win the competition, but also an indicator of whether they managed to carry over their form from the 2016 UEFA competition and also if they managed to put their FIFA World Cup jitters to bed.

The remaining two games are both stacked in favour of Portugal, with the Portuguese being given odds of 1 to 2 to win their encounter against Morocco and odds of 3 to 10, to triumph over Iran.

2018 World Cup Predictions Top Teams

Bet On Portugal

Portugal may be seen as a bit of a long shot having never even made it to a World Cup final before and having crashed out in disastrous fashion on their last outing.

Having said this, if anyone can change the fortunes of his team it would be their fearless leader, Ronaldo whose boot is second to none in the world (well perhaps off and on with Lionel Messi) and whose exploits have won his club serious amounts of silverware in the recent past.

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It would not be ill-advised to place a wager on them to take the competition but do so with caution as there are many more serious contenders of higher competition pedigree who look much better on paper.

As far as group fixtures are concerned, their fixtures against Morocco and Iran should be money in the bank, even though the odds may not pay out too much.

Their match against Spain, however, is a tough one to call with decent odds for some winning on show, a small wager may just pleasantly surprise the more adventurous punter.

What Betting Strategy Should You Use?

Portugal has always been a go big or go home kind of outfit and this competition should be no different.

Having won their two previous encounters by margins of 2 and 3 respectively against Iran, it may be worth placing a wager on Portugal to take this game 3-0.

While against Morocco, Portugal has been given 9 to 2 odds for winning the match 2-0 which could be a likely scenario considering their experience in the defence and goal scoring machines up front.

The Spain game is anyone’s guess and could really go either way, but will in all likelihood be a low scoring affair with the victor taking the match by one goal to nil.

Lastly and certainly not least, should Portugal progress to the quarterfinals, Christiano Renaldo will most likely be close to the top (if not right on top) of the top goal scorer’s list for this competition.


What we do know for sure, is that Portugal will hungry for a win at this year's World Cup 2018.

They have been placed in Group B and fair to be one of the stronger teams which they will work to their advantage however they will still need to be on their A-game to beat a team like Brazil or Germany.

The odds of Portugal winning the FIFA World Cup 2018 are still unclear however we can bet that Ronaldo is likely to place high up for top scorer for the World Cup, so he is worth placing a bet on.

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