Premier League 2017-18 betting odds: the outright winner

The Premier League kicked off on the 11th of August and is now in full swing as we have seen some of our favourite teams play in the new season of football. Find out the latest Premier League betting odds and the outright winner for this years football season.

The English Premier League is now in full swing and we have seen some of our favourite teams play in the new season of football.

Many of teams received a much-needed change and this summer we witnessed clubs splurging millions on some of the world's best players.

This could only mean that us football fans are in for a real treat this season. The Premier League has once again raised the football standard and created quite a bit of buzz in sports news.

The Premier League features 20 clubs all after the number one spot. Each team plays 38 matches each, once at home and once away. A total of 380 matches throughout the season.

This football league is the perfect opportunity for both seasoned pros who have their betting tactics in place and also novice punters who are still building their betting portfolio.

For professional gamblers this where you can put all your experience to the test. With so many teams and possible configurations, the more knowledgeable bettor will know where to place their money.

Whilst for those beginners reading this, you can rest assured that this league will give you the flexibility you need to earn a profit. With 380 matches in total as a bettor, you will have the time you test out different betting strategies and tactics.

Keep the bets low at the beginning and gradually progress as you get a better idea of how and where you should place your money.

In this article we will discuss the top Premier League teams so far and also the Premier League betting odds from some of the leading bookies in the game.

premier league betting odds

Premier League Table 2017

The Premier League kicked off on the 11th of August with Arsenal Vs Leicester at Emirates Stadium, London. Arsenal won the first game of the Premier League 2017/18 season.

A little less than a month later we already have the early signs of who has what it takes to claim the Premier League Title.

As it stands the top 6 teams are:

  1. Man United
  2. Liverpool
  3. Huddersfield
  4. Manchester City
  5. West Brom
  6. Chelsea

Although it is still early days so we should expect some changes in the near future. The majority of teams are still waiting eagerly to play against one another.

Keep in mind that the English Premier League is 9 months long, ample time for a club and team to prove themselves.

We expect to see the top ranking teams from last year will make an impression too.

Premier League Winners

In the 2016/17 Premier League series we saw Chelsea claim victory after an eventful football season. Tottenham shortly followed and Manchester City in third place. Liverpool came in 4th followed by Arsenal and Manchester United.

This year things seem to be unfolding in a different direction.

Manchester City has been under reconstruction this summer. Pep Guardiola has given Man City a revamp and introduced new, younger players to the face of the team.

The club has spent a whopping £200m this summer. There is a lot of pressure on Pep Guardiola and his entire team to possibly win this year's Premier League.

They have proved to be the favourites to win by many bookmakers and featured as a top contender in all of the latest Premier League betting odds.

Last years victors, Chelsea are expected to give their competitors a good run for their money. Chelsea is still expected to place within the top three places by the end of the league.

Tottenham decided to play the waiting game this summer when it comes to player trading, unlike Man City. However, despite this, they are more likely to win the league than Arsenal or Liverpool who has both surpassed their club-record signings this summer.

premier league betting odds

Premier League Betting Odds

In this section, we will list the bookmakers that have the most valuable betting markets for bettors. Once you find value in the betting markets half the battle is won. Your bets will have a higher value which will result in you claiming a much higher profit.

Here are the top 5 bookmakers for the Premier League:

William Hill

The most popular bookmaker in the UK, William Hill is also based in the UK. We reviewed their betting markets and can report that they have the high-value betting odds for the Premier League.

As an English based bookmaker, we expected them to have the superior odds on the outright winner of the Premier League 2017/18.

The odds for the outright winner are:

  • Man City: 2.30
  • Man Utd: 3.00
  • Chelsea: 6.00
  • Liverpool: 11.00
  • Tottenham: 13:00
  • Arsenal: 21:00


Bet365 was one of the first bookmakers to release odds for the Premier League. They are constantly updating the odds according to matches, which means that punters will be betting on the best competitive odds.

Here are the odds for the outright winner:

  • Man City: 2.40
  • Man Utd: 3.25
  • Chelsea: 6.50
  • Liverpool: 11.00
  • Tottenham: 15:00
  • Arsenal: 26.00

premier league betting odds

Leo Vegas

Interested in betting on the Premier League from your mobile?

Then Leo Vegas is the bookmark for you. Whilst they have a fully functioning desktop version of the site, their mobile application is second to none. They have dominated the betting sphere and from their various and high-value betting markets we can understand why.

Here are the outright winner odds from Leo Vegas:

  • Man City: 2.40
  • Man Utd: 3.00
  • Chelsea: 6.50
  • Liverpool: 12:00
  • Tottenham: 15:00
  • Arsenal: 26:00


Betfair is a licensed bookmaker in Malta that has multiple sports to bet on. A bookmaker that strikes that the perfect balance between the traditional bookmakers and tech savvy sportsbooks.

These are the odds at Betfair for the Premier League Outright Winner:

  • Man City: 2.3
  • Man Utd: 3.2
  • Chelsea: 5.5
  • Tottenham: 10.0
  • Liverpool: 11:05
  • Arsenal 19:0

premier league betting odds


Marathonbet has focused its efforts on becoming a dominant player in football betting and as such has developed exclusive partnerships with several football clubs in England, Spain and Scotland. At present, Marathonbet has partnerships with Manchester United FC, CF Malaga Football Club and Hibernian FC.

Therefore this makes Marathonbet an easy choice for a bookmaker for the Premier League.

The odds for the outright winner are:

  • Man City: 2.35
  • Man Utd: 3.125
  • Chelsea: 6.00
  • Liverpool: 12:00
  • Tottenham: 15:00
  • Arsenal: 29:00


Reviewing the Premier League betting odds from these top 5 bookmakers we can easily pick out the top favourite three clubs to win the league.

These are Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea. However, these odds are subject to change as the Premier League progresses.

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One thing is for sure, the 201/18 Premier League will be nothing short of exciting and entertaining football event.

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