Premier League betting odds: 2018 Finals winner

Premier League betting odds are now available for punters to place money on and make a profit from the potential 2018 final winner of this season Premier League. The United Kingdom sure knows how to put on a show for its viewers and we’re definitely watching while being able to make some money out of it.

Things in the Premier League are heating up.

The United Kingdom sure knows how to put on a show for its viewers and we're definitely watching.

As the leading teams begin to secure their spot in the top 5 places every upcoming match is crucial.

Today we are going to talk about the Premier League betting odds because you know what is better than having fun?

Having fun while being able to make some money out of it.

We will discuss where you can place your bet and which teams we think to stand a chance as the Premier League 2018 final winner.

premier league betting odds

How Does The Premier League Work ?

The Premier League was created back in 1992 and the purpose of that was to divide the previous league into two new ones, one of them being the Premier League, where teams would play in based on their caliber.

The participating teams are 20 and each one plays two matches, one in their home stadium and one in their opponent’s, for a total of 38 matches per season.

But why should you bet on the biggest football league not only in Europe but in the whole world?

Well, first of all, it is the most funded league out of them all but let’s talk some numbers here.

More than 2.5£ billion in total is paid to the 20 teams that participate in the Premier League.

Each team gets about 35.3£ million just for taking part in the league.

They also get about 4.8£ million for commercial rights.

However, the big money comes from no other place like the broadcasting rights.

For general rights to use the highlights of all matches inside the UK each team gets 1£ million, for each game that gets broadcasted live in the UK they get 1.1£ million and an approximate of another 40£ million for all international rights.

Each team gets another amount based on the position they finish in the standings when the season ends.

Counting from the bottom up each team gets a price of about 1.9£ million which is multiplied by how many positions above the last one they are.

For example, if a team finishes in the 8th place then they would be 12 positions above the last one so the prize they would get is 12 times 1.9£ million which equals 22.8£ million.

Many online bookmakers have started offering great odds towards who is going to be the winner of the Premier League and various other betting opportunities.

Premier League Betting Odds 2018 Final Winner

Today we are going to take a look at the top 5 online bookmakers and the odds each of them has assigned to the top teams when it comes to who is going to be the final winner of the Premier League 2017-2018 season.

1. Bet365

This online bookmaker is widely known on the Internet for the great odds it offers for all the major sporting events and football leagues alike.

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Premier League betting odds doesn’t seem to be an exception to that habit.

To the top team at the time of this writing, Manchester City, they offer an odd of 1.17 which is still pretty good considering we are only 11 games in the season and they already are 8 points above the runner-ups.

Following in the standings table is Manchester United and Tottenham, both with the exact same odd of 14.00.

After them comes Chelsea with an odd of 16.00 and Liverpool with 66.00 odds.

Arsenal is up next with an 80.00 odd while Leicester City, the winners of the 2015-2016 season, has been assigned the highest odd you can find anywhere on the Internet in their favour, a whopping 1500.00 odd that is!

Bet365 is a great place to start betting when it comes to the Premier League in general as they offer an excellent welcome bonus.

You can bet on an accumulator of 3 or more Premier League teams and if you win then the bookmaker will add a bonus to your winning which can be as high as 100%.

premier league betting odds

2. William Hill

The English bookmaker has been online for a little less than a century and their online presence has been going on for about 15 years or so.

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A good reputation turned their online bookmaking platform rise to glory in only a short time span.

This didn’t happen because of the reputation though, the reason was the high odds they offer.

When it comes to the Premier League betting odds, William Hill offers Manchester City and odd of 1.17.

Following are Tottenham and Chelsea which have been assigned 12.00 and 14.00 odds respectively.

Next on the list comes Manchester United with an odd of 16.00 and then it is time for the underdogs to step forward.

Liverpool has a 50.00 odd while Arsenal has odds of 66.00.

Leicester City has 750.00 odds.

Find out more the William Hill odds here>>

Even though their odds are high the best thing about them is their bonuses.

When you place your very first bet of 10£ or more, William Hill will award you with another 30£ in free bets.

But this isn’t the only promotion you can use when it comes to betting on the Premier League.

Place an accumulator of at least 5 selections and if just one loses then you will be refunded up to 20£ in a form of a free bet.

premier league betting odds

3. Betfair

On Betfair Exchange or any other exchange version of a Sportsbook, the users can actually adopt the role of the bookmaker by being able to set the odds they desire, up to a certain point of course.

Other players can bet on said odds and the owners of the site take a small percentage of the winner’s earnings.

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The Citizens have been assigned odds of 1.11 while Tottenham and Manchester United come next with respective odds of 14.00 and 16.00.

Chelsea follows with a 20.00 odd and after them comes Liverpool with an odd of 45.00.

Arsenal and Leicester City have been assigned 100.00 and 500.00 odds accordingly.

As for bonuses when you first open an account on Betfair and you place 5 bets of 10£ or more (odds of at least 1.50) you will become eligible for a 20£ free bet.

This offer can be redeemed up to five different times for a total of 100£ in free bets.

On Betfair, you will get a 25% cashback up to 250£ on your losses.

There is also a nice welcome bonus which will let you place a 10£ risk-free bet which you will get back up to that amount should it lose.

premier league betting odds

4. Ladbrokes

The main reason they are here is the excellent bonuses they offer but don’t let that fool you as their odds are just as great.

To Manchester City, they offer an odd of 1.14 followed by Tottenham with a 12.00 odd.

Next up are Manchester United and Chelsea which have been assigned a 14.00 and 16.00 odd respectively.

Liverpool has an odd of 50.00 and Arsenal a 100.00 odd.

Note that this is the absolutely highest odd offered to Arsenal you can find anywhere on the internet at the time of this writing.

Leicester City is offered a 500.00 odd.

Make your first minimum deposit of 5£ and select a game of at least 1.50 odds.

You can place up to a 50£ free bet on it.

Also if you place an accumulator of 5+ selections you will get fully refunded in the case only a single one of them losses.

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premier league betting odds

5. BetFred

This online bookmaker goes way back as we can remember them sponsoring sports events even before betting on the Internet became a big thing.

Their odds are good but their bonuses are amazing.

Let’s take a look at both of those two.

As for the Premier League betting odds they offer, the favourite, Manchester City, has an odd of 1.14 followed by Tottenham with a 12.00 one.

Up next come Manchester United and Chelsea both with the exact same 14.00 odd assigned to them.

Liverpool has an odd of 50.00 and Arsenal a 66.00 one.

Leicester City has odds of 500.00.

There is also another offer where if you place an accumulator of 5+ matches (with odds of at least 1.33) you will get up to a 10£ free bet if only one of your selections loses.

Find out more here>>

The Top 5 Teams of The Premier League

Now that we have talked about the odds they are offered let’s take a closer look at each one of them and how they are all doing so far in the season.

1. Manchester City

The Citizens are currently in the very first place of the standings with a total of 31 points over 10 wins and 1 draw as they haven’t been defeated even once in this season yet.

They have four players on the top scorers’ list, Sergio Agüero with 8 goals, Gabriel Jesus and Raheem Sterling each one with 7 goals, and last but not least Leroy Sane with 6 goals.

Find out more about Manchester City here

2. Manchester United

They are second with a total of 23 points over 7 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses.

Their top scorer is Romelu Lukaku with 7 goals so far and it is the first year The Red Devils are actually contending the first place of the Premier League after their old manager Sir Alex Ferguson retired after the 2012-2013 season.

This season was also the last one they managed to win the Premier League.

Find out more about Manchester United here

3. Tottenham

The Spurs are in the third place with the exact same statistics as those of Manchester United’s.

The only reason they are third and not second is because of the goal difference the two teams have scored in the 11 matches each one has played so far.

Their main scorer is the sensation Harry Kane with 8 goals so far who has been the Golden Boot winner for the two last consecutive years.

They will face Arsenal in their next match

4. Chelsea

The Blues are currently in the fourth place with a total of 22 points over 7 wins, 1 draw, and 3 losses.

Their top scorer is Alvaro Morata who has 7 goals so far and they are last season’s champions.

5. Liverpool

The Reds are in the fifth place with a total of 19 points over 5 wins, 4 draws, and 2 losses.

Their main scorer is Mohamed Salah who has scored 7 times so far.


This has been our guide when it comes to the Premier League betting odds of the 2017-2018 season.

We hope you find it both informational and useful for your betting choice.

All of the bookmakers mentioned are great choices and you really can’t go wrong no matter which one you end up going with.

May the team you bet on end up winning this season’s champion title.

Good luck with your future Premier League gambling adventures!

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