Premier League Player Of The Year betting odds

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Recently the executive manager of the Premier League announced that two of the total seven channels that have purchased the rights of broadcasting the matches have paid a bit less than 5 billion pounds!

England is very big when it comes to money and football. And what a better combination than that of their main league.

There is one particular award that could yield very profitable results for your wallet. We are of course talking about the Premier League Player of the year betting odds.

Which are the best odds and where can you find them? Is betting on the top choice a reasonable move?

Premier League Player Of The Year Betting Odds

What Have We Seen So Far?

We have just passed the two-thirds of the fixtures and nobody could expect how the standings table would look like if they were asked prior to this season’s start.

Manchester City is on fire as they currently are in first standing 16 points before the runner-up. Regarding the top scorer of the season, Tottenham’s Harry Kane will most likely get the golden shoe for the third consecutive year.

We have talked about this particular award and the betting odds dedicated to it but in today’s article, we wanted to tackle a bit more difficult subject.

The Premier League player of the year award isn’t determined just by how many goals a player has scored. It depends on much more than that.

It has to do with overall performance, honor, discipline, fair play, and everything you could possibly imagine a footballer should be good at.

All field positions can be a struggle but there are some players that have proved to be above the rest and this is why they have also been granted a spot in the possible player of the year award list.

In the following section we are going to talk about all of them and after that, we’ll provide you with our own opinion and prediction.

Premier League Player Of The Year Betting Odds

We will discuss the current top 10 contenders for the award. First some basic information. Next, we’ll move on to the more interesting statistics and finally give you our opinion.

1.) Kevin De Bruyne

Just as we previously mentioned, Manchester City has been completely decimating the competition this year and unless something extremely impossible happens, they will be the champions once again after three years without getting the first place.

But as everything suggests they may as well pick up another “trophy” and this will be that of the season’s best player.

Currently, the Belgian midfielder stands in the top of the assist’s table as he has provided 14 successful scoring passes to his teammates.

That being said, there is much more in this young man than just leading his teammates to goals.

He can score himself without needing someone else’s help. De Bruyne has scored 7 times in 25 league game appearances so far and as everything suggests he may as well score even more before the season ends.

As for how the bookmakers are treating him things are very interesting, to say the least. Just so you know he is also the 4th highest pass provider with 1,979 passes so far in this season.

He is the favourite by far as the best odds offered on him is 1.25 and you can find it on Betfair’s platform.

If you were to ask us we would say that on the one hand, we agree with him being the favourite but on the other hand disagree as to how “guaranteed” the possibility of him getting the award is.

Sure, he is amazing and will most likely win but why would anyone risk his money just to get a small 25% profit?

If you want to bet on him either combine this selection with a nice 3-4 fold accumulator or just not bet on him at all.

Kevin De Bruyne

2.) Harry Kane

Now, this is a very promising choice. Why?

Because the man has single-handedly driven his team to the top 5.

Being the Premier League top Goalscorer for two consecutive years and going for the third can’t be a coincidence.

But if he is as good as everyone believes he is then why isn’t he in the first place of the predictions?

The answer to that is rather simple. In fact, it is made up of two things. First is that he is already the main contender for another award and the second is that he isn’t so much about overall performance rather than the personal kind.

So far Harry Kane has scored 23 times in 26 games. The only two players “pushing” him from the back are Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah with 22 goals and Manchester City’s Sergio Agüero.

Currently, the best odd offered to him is a 6.00 which can be found on the site of Unibet.

Unless Kane puts up an extreme show for his fans and starts scoring more than one goal per game he isn’t going to be getting the award.

His Premier League player of the year betting odds may look good but the chance of him actually getting it is very low.

Check Unibet review.

Harry Kane

3.) Mohamed Salah

Earlier we mentioned that Mohamed Salah is currently in the second place of the top Goalscorer list of the season.

In 26 games he has scored 22 times which is something extravagant considering the forward had 15 goals in 31 appearances last season when he played for the Italian club, Roma.

If you were to ask us what we think of Salah we would give you the same answer as that of Mourinho. Briefly put, he said that Mohamed was an enthusiastic yet talented, young, fast and creative player and that he would put the well-being of his team on top of everything else.

Even though he is the main scorer this doesn’t mean that his teammates don’t get helped by him.

In fact, he tends to create goal opportunities all the time and even though he may not be the player providing the assist, those plays usually turn to goals!

He has 7 assists in this season so far.

Just like Harry Kane, the best odd you can find in his favor is a 6.00 and is once again offered by Unibet.

He would be a very good choice and indeed we do recommend that you bet some money on him.

Mohamed Salah

4.) David Silva

Even though the midfielder doesn’t have the most assists nor goals he is still fourth in the odds table. So why is that?

In just 20 games this season he has managed to score 5 times for Manchester City and provide 8 assists as well as 1,735 successful passes!

He is what most football enthusiasts would call, a pretty amazing overall player.

Even though the top scorer of the season award is all about the finishing skills of a player, the player of the year award is so much different than that. It may look dull when compared to the former one but believe us, it actually is a much harder award to get.

Players like David Silva deserve it on the most as they are the hidden heroes of a successful team.

In that occasion, said successful team is none other than Manchester City and both David Silva and the favorite to get the award, Kevin De Bruyne both deserve a shot at getting it.

The best odd you can find on him is 33.00 and is offered by Paddy Power.

Premier League player of the year David Silva

5.) Raheem Sterling

Take a minute to think about the following question. Why do you think Manchester City is on the top of the standings?

Even though the answer may appear to be obvious, it surely isn’t.

Tottenham’s star is Harry Kane but when it comes to the Citizens, we are referring to a dream team where each and every player was carefully picked out to ensure that the club would be this season’s champions.

Raheem Sterling is one of those players and on his own, he has managed to score 15 times so far. He has also provided his teammates with 6 assists.

This means that he played a major role in 21 goals scored over 26 games. If that isn’t enough for a footballer to be deemed the best player of the year award then we don’t know what is.

A very good 33.00 odd is the best you can find on him and is offered by Betfair.

6.) Eden Hazard

From a very young age, Hazard was one of those kids that everybody knew were born for playing football.

He is the top scorer for Chelsea so far as he has scored 11 times this season.

He is a pretty creative player but due to his position, he doesn’t provide that many assists. In all league games this year he has only given two.

Due to his ability to play with both feet, he can be placed on either side of the field and dribble so well that his opponents will rarely dispossess the ball from him.

According to his previous teammate and captain, “his finishing is top notch”.

The best odd you can find on Hazard is 40.00 and is offered by Betfair. If you want our opinion then please do NOT bet on him.

We know what we said and all of it is completely true but his current statistics just aren’t as great as they would need to be for him to get an award like that.

7.) Sergio Agüero

This attacker may have scored 21 goals so far in this season but even though he is Manchester City’s top Goalscorer he, unfortunately, isn’t anything more than that.

His skills are impeccable but the only thing in which he is so good is playing offense.

Even though he has provided 5 assists, the chance of him getting the award is very slim mainly due to the fact that three of his teammates are already more likely of doing so.

Anyway, his odds are too good to be true as the best on is offered by Unibet and is a whopping 50.00!

Sergio Agüero

8.) Leroy Sane

We may start sounding like a broken record here but the only thing we are interested in doing so is to inform you of all the best Premier League player of the year betting odds available.

The young winger has helped his team greatly in the last year as he has provided 10 assists for his teammates as well as score 7 goals.

If it was up to us we would have placed him higher than Agüero but I guess this will have to do. He is offered a 66.00 odd by Paddy Power.

Leroy Sane

9.) David de Gea

Since the Premier League started choosing a player to give this award to, only one Goalkeeper has managed to get it and that was in the second year of the award ceremony. Since then it has only been defenders, midfielders, and forwards.

Thus the chance of de Gea getting it is very slim, especially now considering how much things have changed in the last years. But still, there is a chance.

Betfair provides an 80.00 odd on him which is also the best one you can currently find in his favor.

David de Gea

10.) Alexis Sanchez

The midfielder of Manchester United has been doing great this season but no matter how good he gets there is no chance of him being awarded the player of the year award.

If you want to bet on him, you still can, but we wouldn’t advise you of doing so.

The best odd offered to him is 100.00 and can be found on Unibet.


We hope you liked our article on the Premier League Player of the year betting odds and that you found it both insightful and helpful in aiding you in choosing the best option to place some money on.

Remember to keep checking our website for more news and information regarding the betting world and not only!

Now go pick a bookmaker and start betting.

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