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Only couple more weeks before the new Australian football season starts so get your hands on pro footy betting tips. This article tells you what to bet and what you should avoid. Including some basic details on Australian football, general pro sports betting tips and how the game is generally played.

Unlike most sports betting sites we aim to be different and this is why we tend to cover every kind of sport there is instead of emphasizing on just one or two.

Since we haven’t talked much about the Australian Football we would like to cover some betting tips about it.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about pro footy tips you can use to maximize your winnings when placing a bet.

Since many of you may not be very familiar with the sport we will also take a quick look at the rules and how the game is supposed to be played.

We may even throw some additional tips in the mix just to spice things up!

In This Article:

Pro Footy Betting Tips (Australian Football)

What Is Australian Football?

You may have heard of the sport called “Australian Football”.

Maybe you have heard of “Aussie Rules”, “Footy”, or “Australian Rules Football”. All those 4 terms are referring to the same exact sport.

The Australians, just like Americans like to change things and come up with their own exclusive sport, wanted to create their own kind of game.

They had some ideas which were combined with some inspiration from American Football and Soccer and they finally came up with their own version of a new game.

And people seem to like it since according to 2016 statistics there are more than 25,700 clubs and 1.4 million registered players.

And don’t you think that we are talking about a new sport. No!

It has been around since before World War I. In fact, it is believed to have first appeared back in 1858 in Melbourne.

When it comes to popularity, Australian Football is without a doubt the biggest and most renowned sport in Australia!

How Is The Game Played?

Let’s start with the basics. First, you have the field, which unlike traditional Soccer and American Football, is oval shaped.

Sometimes a modified cricket field is used.

Regarding the teams, there are 18 players on each side and 4 substitutes.

You can score points by kicking the ball between the opposite team’s goal posts or behind the posts.

The first way is worth 6 points while the latter only 1. As expected, the team with the most points wins.

The game is divided into four 20-minute parts with the existence of extra time. Delays and stops throughout the game are taken into consideration and are added to the extra time at the end of the game.

Regarding the rules of the game, Footy is pretty similar to American Football. Players (usually quarterbacks) pass the ball to the receivers and they proceed to try scoring.

Unlike the American version, a player can pass either with his hands or by kicking the ball. When scoring there isn’t such a thing as a touchdown. Once again you have to kick the ball with your legs.

Tackles are allowed as long as the player grabs/pushes an opponent on any part of his body located below the shoulders and above the knees.

In order to receive a pass, players are allowed to use another player as a step-up and they do not get a foul for doing so. The player holding the ball must bounce it at least one time every 16 yards while running with it.

Now, there are various other rules like the one stating that a player must not get caught holding the ball or that you can’t throw the ball.

However, we have already covered the very basics you need to know so that you can start watching and thus bet on Australian Football.

Having get the rules out of the way it is about time that we moved on to the next section of this article.

Australian football explained

Beginner Tips

When it comes to betting we would recommend that you limit your bets to the AFL alone.

There are 18 teams. The top 8 teams proceed to the finals and the final two teams go to the championship game which is something like the Australian Super Bowl.

The final game is watched by 1/3 of the Australian population while the stadium holds more than 70,000 fans.

Just so that you don’t get mistaken, each win counts for 4 points, draws count 2 points, and losses do not award any points.

Now, how can you place some clever bets in order to maximize your possible winnings?

What Should You Bet on?

There are a lot of available markets to bet on but not all of them are of the same difficulty when it comes to predicting the game’s outcome.

1.)Betting On The Winner

This isn’t the NFL which means that all of the teams will eventually go against each other. There aren’t any conferences.

All 18 teams play in the same one form league. If you take a look at the standings you will see that even the worst team can sometimes defeat another which is considerably stronger.

Because of that, we would advise you NOT to bet on the winning team unless we are talking about the finals (AFL’s Playoffs) which is when the teams will put on their absolute best performance in order to try getting a spot in the Grand Final.

Take a look at this year’s Super Bowl. The Philadelphia Eagles won the New England Patriots.

Underdogs have proved to do well and as history suggests betting against them, especially in big events, wouldn’t be the wisest decision.


Now, this is a great betting opportunity.

Not just for Footy but for all the sports in the world, may that be American Football, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, and every other competitive sport. Most of the times such bets go for 1.90 odds regardless of the teams who play.

When a favourite goes against a complete underdog, it is a usual phenomenon that you will not see such an option, in favor of the strongest team, we mean.

Do some research, see how the two teams have performed against each other in the previous games. Find out how good was each team in the last 5 games and make your decision according to that.

Recently we stumbled upon a game we wanted to place a bet upon. It was a soccer game between Liverpool and Tottenham.

We noticed that Liverpool wasn’t doing that great but since it had the benefit of playing in their home stadium we were sure that they were going to score.

Tottenham is an offensive team and has the highest scoring attacker in the Premier League so we thought they would score at least two times.

Getting a win would be difficult but a 2-2 result was very likely, to say the least. The game ended up 2-2. Had someone bet Over 2.5 or 3.5 he would have won a lot of money.

We wanted to play it safe and added it to an accumulator with the Draw option selected.

We won with total accumulator odds of 6.64! (With two other favourites added just to pump up the odds).

3.)Scored Points

This specific betting option can be an absolute goldmine. It can be similar to the Over/Under betting option as they work using the same thinking route.

Let’s take a real life example here. On this Thursday (March 22nd), Richmond will be going against Carlton. Richmond has been smashing it this season and the possibility of them getting the win is extremely high, almost certain.

According to the odds of them winning are 1.22 while them winning having scored 1-39 points is 2.10 and when having scored 40+ points this odd is increased to 2.50.

You could either bet on both and get a small profit or you could combine each one with another couple of likely to win selections for a great overall accumulator with odds higher than 3.50! Easy money!

This may as well be one of the best pro footy tips you can get on the internet.

4.)Do NOT Bet On The Draw

So far there have only been 3 draws. We get that draws come with an average odd of 65.00+.

Even if you were to bet on all those games to end up in a draw you would get a profit of maybe 10$ (1$ bet per game) at the end of the season. And there is always the possibility of less than 3 draw happening.

Simply put, the risk is high and the profits would be very low.

If draws were offered more than 100.00 odd then yes, betting on them would be a great idea but unfortunately, when it comes to the AFL this doesn’t happen.

5.)Live Betting

Once again, this tactic can also apply to other sports. We would recommend creating an account on an exchange site like Betfair Exchange so that you can maximize your winnings by using this particular tactic.

You get a game where the absolute favorite is falling a bit back but chances are that the team is going to pick up in the rest of the game and thus end up winning it.

Now, you can use the following tactic either way.

You can either bet against the winning team (underdog) which will most likely fall behind in the rest of the game or back the favorite (which is currently behind but is picking up).

Live betting is great when you want to exploit this kind of loopholes. Why get a 1.25 odd on the favorite winning when you can get a 2.00!?

6.)Bet On Futures

Just like in any other sport the odds you can get when it comes to future competitions are very good especially when you have more than a couple months to go before the time comes.

We have used this tactic on the World Cup 2018 and we can only say one thing. A profit is 100% guaranteed.

Forget about matched betting and limited income. Bet on futures and the money will be yours.

When we were writing about the Super Bowl before the Playoffs even begin the odds of the teams (other than the New England Patriots) winning or even reaching the final game were bigger than 3.00.

If you have bet on all of those you would get a big profit, depending of course on the amount you bet.

You can do the same thing right now while waiting for the AFL Finals. Don’t wait around for an opportunity to come to you. Make your own opportunities by betting on futures!

7.)Pay Attention To Twitter

If you haven’t followed some of your favourite footy professional tipsters on Twitter, then the time to do so is now.

There is no limit to the number of useful insights and predictions you can get from those people. Remember that there is a good reason they have become so popular.

Being right most of the time is one of those reasons. Do some research.

Who is your favourite caster in the AFL, do you follow any good prediction websites?

Read more about the Best Football Prediction Site of The Year.

All these and many more questions of that kind can lead you on discovering people you had no idea exist on this planet and can drastically help you land a successful bet.

This may sound a bit far-fetched but believe us, this is one of the best pro footy tips we can provide you with.

American football is connected with big money


Now that there is only a bit less than 6 weeks before the new season starts it would be the best time to use all those pro footy tips we provided you with and place your first bets of the season accordingly.

For more information read Betegy review by Takebet.

Remember to keep an eye out for various updates and our latest articles. The amount of useful tips we can give you is infinite. So listen to us and you will not lose.

Now get out there and start betting on the upcoming 2018 AFL season.

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