RebelBetting: sports arbitrage betting user's manual

Read RebelBetting user's manual on how to use the platform and desktop application. RebelBetting is by far our favourite sports arbitrage platform, which is not only easy to use but also goes an extra mile to help the users.

In our recent review, we ranked RebelBetting ⅘ stars. The only thing that bothered us about the software was the interface, which looks outdated.

Since we’ve found it difficult to orientate ourselves around the platform at the beginning, we thought about other first-time users. They surely must be going through the same pain.

Because, once you understand the RebelBetting platform, sports arbitrage betting becomes much more smooth.

Below you can find a detailed manual of RebelBetting platform, which will also help you to decide if you want to invest in a purchase.

RebelBetting Manual

Main Window

#1 Once you download the application and sign in with your credentials, you will see the Main Window with everything you need: settings, arb data, bookmakers and odds.

RebelBetting main window with different arbs

#2 On the top you can find a Menu Bar through which you can:

  • Bet Button - opens the Betting Browser and finds the bets

  • Options - Opens the Settings Window
  • Calculator - shows/hides the calculator in the Arbs Details panel
  • Minimum Arb Percentage
  • List of Required Bookmakers

RebelBetting top menu different bar window


#1 The best way for you to start is to go to ‘Options’ and optimise the platform towards your needs. It will save you time later.


Fill your RebelBetting details, time zone and currency

Bookmaker Setup:

Login to all your bookmakers’ accounts; the betting software will automatically log you into the bookmaker, find the correct sport, league and market, participant and odds highlighted for faster access to the arbitrage.

If there’s a bookmaker on the list you’re not registered with, simply choose it from the list, click the “Register” button and it will redirect you to the website


Here you can your preferences for the application, e.g. how do you want arbs to be displayed


It’s one of the best features of RebelBetting and it won’t let you miss another amazing arbitrage; there’s plenty to choose from, from just the sound to what kind of notifications you would like to receive and how high would you the arbitrage to be

Rebelbetting options personal details

#2 Filters - in Settings you also have an option to choose different filters for your future arbitrages:

  • Markets - choose which sport you’re interested in; if you really want to make a profit, you should choose all of them
  • Bookmakers - choose which bookmakers you would like to be active
  • Arbitrages - set filters for arb percentages, e.g. only show arbs above or below a certain percentage

Rebelbetting different filters

Arb List

Time to go back to the Main Window and look at the Arb List. You will a very long list with all the available arbs and each one of them is expendable if click the sign “+” next to the arb’s percentage.

The best odds will be selected by default, but you can change them once the list expands and create your own arbitrage.

From this list, you can also hide odds, arb or match. It’s especially useful if you’ve already placed an arb on a specific event and you don’t want to see it again.

Each arb features certain elements:

  • Percentage
  • Participants
  • Type of arb, e.g. Asian Handicap
  • Selected Bookmakers
  • Available odds

Rebelbetting arb list

Arb Details Panel

If you double click on a selected arb, it will show you the Arb Details Panel to the left. Here, you can find all the details about the arb:

  • Percentage
  • The age of an arb
  • Last chance to bet on the event
  • For what odds you should place your bet for a particular match/player
  • The name of the event and sport
  • The bet type
  • Potential warnings - if you want to know more click on the button and it will redirect you to the website

Rebelbetting arb details windoow

The Calculator

Below the Arb Panel, you will find a Calculator. This where the real juice of sports arbitrage happens. With the calculator you can:

  • Calculate your profit of an arb
  • Change the stake of the arb
  • Round your stakes to your choosing
  • Maximise the profit towards a certain outcome
  • Set an automatic option that will calculate the best division of the stake and the profit

Rebelbetting calculator

Betting Browser

If you click on any selected arbitrage, the Betting Browser will open. Here, you will be automatically logged into the selected bookmakers and you can choose the bets you want to place an arbitrage on.

There’s also an integrated calculator that suggests the stakes you should place, odds for different bets and default stake.

The calculator will do everything for you, so you don’t have to worry about doing any maths yourself.

Depending on the arb, you will be shown either two or three Betting Windows. Each one of them will also have its own Arb Panel.

The Arb Panel has very similar features to the one you can see in the Main Window. Including suggested odds and potential profit.

One of the best features of Betting Browser is also the option to do the Screenshot, which will be automatically saved and will help you to remember which bets you placed.

rebelbetting betting windows

RebelBetting is easy, right?

Reading about sports arbitrage and trying to understand the algorithm behind it can be extremely confusing. Especially, if you’re a rookie.

So, you can imagine our surprise, when we realised RebelBetting was so easy to use. Of course, it’s time-consuming and requires a lot of knowledge of different betting markets, but we cannot imagine an easier software to use.

Creators of the platform really thrive to make the sports arbitrage betting as smooth as possible and they're trying to encourage bookmakers to create the arbitrage opportunities.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or check our sports arbitrage betting guide!

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