5 sports betting calculators & how to use them

Looking for easy-to-use sports betting calculators? We have curated the top 5 that we have found so far through our online sports betting reviews.

The sports betting industry at times might be a difficult market to infiltrate with the vast amount of sports and betting options available.

To your relieve, the web has a lot to offer with some fantastic tools to help make your life a little bit easier. One of the tools you can begin using in your next bet is a sports betting calculator.

Long gone are the days when you would need to scribble down a complicated algorithm to try and work out the best possible odds and returns.

This software will help you work out how much you are in chance of winning.

These web-based tools can manage several types of bets and ultimately provide with the right information for your future bets.

We’ve found the top 5 sports betting calculators and we'll also show you how to use them in your betting strategy.

5 Sports Betting Calculators & How To Use Them

Sports Betting Calculators

How To Use The Calculator

Using a betting calculator will save you time on your potential bets, so it’s of supreme importance that you understand how they work.

You need to know how they function and the fundamental terminology that is commonly found when using a sports betting calculator.

Firstly, before you can begin calculating a bet you need to select your bet type. If you are a newcomer to the betting market than some terminology will sound unfamiliar to you. You need to do some extra reading and get familiar with these terms.

Other than that, sites are pretty clear with the bets they offer.

For example, if you are interested in betting on a win bet which requires you select a winner in a chosen event or race. But if you are more inclined to to bet on multiple events than this is referred to as a multiple bet.

Once you have understood the basics as to which bet you prefer placing your money on, then you can consider trying your luck with a full cover bet.

This bet presents the opportunity collect your payout even if the your chosen outcomes do not win. You might be familiar with betting both offline and online, if you’re not then this is a good time to get the basics covered.

Depending on the betting calculator of your choice, you might be required to input your odds as either a fraction like 6/1 or even as decimal like 5.00 or maybe even the moneyline format like +400.

You can also use conversion tools online to convert the odds to your preferred betting format or even use these sums;

  • To convert fractional odds to decimal format, divide the first figure of the fraction by the second, and add 1. For example: (4/1) +1 = 5.
  • To convert moneyline odds into decimal odds, divide the figure by 100 and add 1. So for moneyline odds of 400: (400/100) +1 = 5 (for negative odds you need to remove the minus symbol before performing the sum).
  • If your odds are in decimal format and you want to convert them to fractional, just minus one from the figure and find the nearest whole integer. So 6 becomes 5/1.

It might become clear that the betting calculator that you're using does not offer the options, you will need a ‘comprehensive’ betting calculator.

Paddy Power Bet Calculator

At Paddy Power, they offer a sports betting calculator, which is fairly easy to use.

It is clearly displayed and well laid out, making it easy for the punter to work out their odds in an easy fashion.

They offer two kinds of calculators, one for football called the ‘Football Accum Calculator’ and one calculator for all of the other bets labeled the ‘Bet Calculator’.

For the ‘Bet Calculator’;

1: Select the bet type you shall be using.

You can choose anything from a single bet where you need to choose one selection and you must be successful to have a return.

You could also a double, treble, a Yankee, Super Yankee, Heinz, Super Heinz , Goliath Accum or Accum. All of the bets on the site are clearly defined and well explained.

2: Then enter the odds and stake. Here you can add multiple rows, depending on the magnitude of your bet.

3: It will then calculate your returns.

4: The sports betting calculator will then display the more bet types and potential returns for these selections.

Ace Odds - Sports Betting Calculator

The sports betting calculator offered at ace odds works out your returns to the tee.

There are a number of fields you will need to fill in such as:

  1. Bet Type
  2. Each Way
  3. Number of Selections
  4. Odds Format

Next after you fill in each of these fields, you will find a short description of what they are. For example next to ‘Each Way’ the description the site generates is ‘whether you are calculating an each way bet.

Two individual bets of equal amount, one placed on the selection to win and the other on the same selection to place.’

The sports betting calculator then automatically calculates the:

  1. Total Outlay
  2. Total Return
  3. Total Profit

Breaking Odds - Sports Betting Calculator

This sports betting calculator differs from the previous two as it converts the amount wagered and odds (positive or negative) into possible winnings.

It also works in reverse. This means that you will need to enter the amount you want to win and the odds to see the amount you need to wager.

At Breaking Odds, they’ve also given punters the option to calculate their parlay bets. Use American odds (-110, +200, etc.) to combine two to twelve bets.

Winning total is dynamically calculated after each entry.

They also offer an OverUnder Pace calculator for those who choose to use this kind of betting option.

Use this calculator during the game to judge the pace of play and see if the outcome will be greater or less than the over/under line.

William Hill - Sports Betting Calculator

The William Hill sports betting calculator is quite minimal in its display. No descriptions are found on the calculator, just straight to the point.

There are two main steps:

  1. Pick the number of selections ranging from 1-8
  2. Enter the selection details (Price, E/W, Rule 4, Dead Heat, Result, Enter Stake)

Then the returns are calculated.

This calculator is slightly more technical and angled at the more experienced bettor.

Jolly Odds - Sports Betting Calculator

At Jolly Odds they have complied a math’s algorithm to help punters calculate their bets odds and returns.

They have created a multiple bet calculator covering the entire most popular bookmaker exotic bet types and accumulators.

With options for each way, rule 4 and dead heats calculations.

First you need to select your bet type, enter the odds stake and then your returns and profits are calculated.


The strength of using sports betting calculators is that it saves you a great deal of time and is also extremely accurate. Save time from scribbling down the odds and dedicate more time to the sport you love.

We hope these 5 sports betting calculators and tips on how to use them will help you in your next wager!

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