William Hill's Premier League betting odds: the best betting markets

Find out which are the best betting markets and betting odds on the Premier League at William Hill in this article. Make money on the biggest English football event of the year. Today we are going to see William Hill’s betting odds as this online bookmaker is one of the best, if not the best when it comes to sports betting.

Do you like soccer? Then you should go watch one the major leagues like LaLiga, Ligue1, Series A or Bundesliga.

Or you could go for the highest class soccer which is played only in the Premier League.

And if would like you could also bet some money on it?

But which online bookmaker would you choose as there are so many great ones?

Chances are that if you want to place big money on the Premier League then you live in England yourself.

So today we are going to see William Hill’s Premier League betting odds as this online bookmaker is one of the best, if not the best when it comes to sports betting.

william hills premier league betting odds

Why Should You Bet On The Premier League?

“What makes betting on the Premier League that great?”

Money. Yeah, simply put, money.

We are referring to the amount of money that goes into the Premier League as a whole and to the teams as well.

First of all, the Premier League was until recently sponsored by Barclays.

They are one of the biggest international banks based in England so you can guess on your own how much it is worth.

A big part of that money went into keeping Premier League the number one soccer league in the whole world.

To just get a grasp of how things are let’s talk some numbers.

Each of the 20 teams got 35£ million in the previous season just for participating.

Add to that another 1.1£ million for UK broadcast rights for each match, another 1£ million for having access to the highlights of all matches in general and another 39£ million for overseas broadcasting matches and highlights.

For various commercial purposes they each get another 5£ million and in the case, they finish in a good position in the final standings they get even more money.

All in all, payments towards the 20 clubs come around the 2.5£ billion mark.

Physical and online bookmakers want a piece of that money so they provide great odds in order to get you betting using said odds. Now, that’s what I mean when I say money.

William Hill’s Premier League Betting Odds

William Hill has been around as a bookmaker for over 80 years and has had an online presence for more than 15.

Having that many years under your belt attract many gamblers and in order to satisfy said gamblers, you have to provide them with some pretty great odds.

Read the William Hill review here>>

When it comes to Premier League betting apart from the individual match bets you will also find 5 different betting options dedicated to the current season’s final result.

These are called Outright, Betting without Manchester City, Relegation, Top 4 finish, and finally Top Goalscorer.

So let’s take a look at the odds offered in each and every one of said 5 options.

1. Outright

This option is all about who is going to be the winner of the current Premier League season champion’s title.

Simply put, who is going to win this year’s league>>

First, comes Manchester City who is currently on the very top place in the standings having accumulated 25 points in 9 matches with 8 wins and 1 draw.

An odd of 1.22-1 to be exact.

Behind them comes Tottenham. The Spurs are currently in the third place of the standings with 20 points from 6 wins, 2 draws, and a loss.

William Hill offers them an amazing 10-1 odd which is very good considering how close they are from the top.

The third team in the odds is Manchester United which hasn’t won a league title since their manager Sir Alex Ferguson retired back in 2013.

That season was the last one they have won but they finally seem to be picking it up again as they are in the second place in the standings.

They also have 20 points and the exact same stats as Tottenham but the reason they are in second and the latter is in third is the goal difference between the two teams.

However, William Hill seems to have more trust in Tottenham as they have assigned an odd of 13-1 in favour of Manchester United.

Behind them come Chelsea and Arsenal in the 4th and 5th place respectively each having accumulated 16 points over 5 wins, 1 draw, and 3 losses.

William Hill offers Chelsea an odd of 21-1 and Arsenal a 41-1 odd.

Every odd point into Manchester City winning the title and really no one can blame them.

We are only 9 matches in the season and the Blues are already in the first place with 5 points above the runner-ups.

2. Betting Without Manchester City

Once more this bet is all about who would win the title if Manchester City wasn’t thrown in the mix.

So who would come second or “first” if all places were upgraded by one? This may be the best profitable betting option for you as things aren’t exactly the same as before.

Manchester City is out of the game the biggest chances of “winning” go to Manchester United and Tottenham.

William Hill has assigned both teams the exact same odd of 2.5-1.

This is somewhat strange considering Tottenham had a 10-1 and Manchester United a 13-1 in the previous betting option.

Well, we guess even the bookmaker doesn’t know for sure who is going to prevail.

In the top following teams, Chelsea comes third with an odd of 5.5-1 followed by Arsenal in the fourth place with an odd of 8-1.

Fifth comes Liverpool which has been assigned the odds of 12-1.

william hills premier league betting odds

3. Relegation

Having already talked about who can be the champion and who the runner-up I think it’s about high time we tackle who is going to get relegated.

When it comes to William Hill’s Premier League betting odds placing some money on this option is an excellent choice.

This happens because compared to the winners bet only one team can be number one but in the end of the season 3 teams get relegated so it’s more of a safe and profitable bet if done right.

First in the odds is Crystal Palace which is currently in the 20th and last place possible in the Premier League standings having accumulated only 3 points in 9 matches with 1 win and 8 losses.

They are doomed to relegate and that’s why William Hill offers them a very good, we must say, 1.83-1 odd.

Next, comes Swansea with an odd of 2.1-1.

However, currently, Swansea looks relatively good as she is in the 15th place and out of the relegation zone with 8 points.

The drawback to this is that all teams from 16th to 18th place have 8 points as well.

Third place in the relegation odds occupies the team of Huddersfield with an odd of 2.25-1.

Although in the time of this writing their team is looking really good as it’s in the 11th place and way out of the relegation zone with 12 points so far.

The fourth place is occupied by Bournemouth with an odd of 3.25 which might be the safest and most profitable bet you can make if you are to gamble on this option.

They are currently in the 19th place with a total of 7 points.

However, now in the 18th place is Everton which is in a horrible shape and has only 8 points so far.

The odds of them relegating are 17-1.

4. Top 4 Finish

When it comes to William Hill’s Premier League Betting odds this option is for sure the easiest one to make a bet on.

Just how the name suggests the team you place a bet on has to be one of the 4 top teams in the end of the season in order for you to win.

First, in the odds comes Manchester City with a ridiculously low odd of 1.01-1 which is completely understandable considering how good the favourites of this season are so far.

Behind them come to Manchester United and Tottenham both with the exact same odd of 1.25-1 while fourth in the odds is Chelsea with a 1.5-1.

Things after that, though, are extremely interesting. Having already crossed the four top teams out of the bets let’s take a look at some of the underdogs.

Liverpool, which being in the 9th position isn’t going very well as of now, has been assigned an odd of 2.37-1 while Arsenal which is currently in the 5th place with the same points as Chelsea has been given the odds of 2.5-1.

In the 6th place you will find Watford which has been given a crazy high odd of 101-1 and in the 7th place, there is Newcastle with an odd of 26-1.

william hills premier league betting odds

5. Top Goalscorer

We have already covered this bet in a previous article but odds can always change so here are the current ones you can find on William Hill for the top scorers.

As it was expected the two times consecutive Golden Boot winner Harry Kane, comes in the first place of the odds table but with a very tempting odd of 2-1.

The fact that in the first 9 matches of the seasons he has already scored 8 times has to be noted as he currently is the number one in this year’s top scorer list>>

Behind him comes the new star of Manchester United, Romelu Lukaku with an odd of 5.5-1.

The attacker has managed to score 7 times. Sergio Aguero has also scored 7 times so far and comes third in the odds with a 6-1 odd of being the top scorer this season.

Right after them, you will find Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus with an odd of 9-1.

The young Brazilian attacker has managed to score 6 goals so far.

Alvaro Morata and Raheem Sterling have also both scored 6 times and they have been assigned with odds of 15-1 and 41-1 respectively.


Chances are you came here to learn some stuff about what’s going on with the Premier League odds.

We looked through William Hill’s site and found out they are one of the best online bookmakers you can use to gamble on the English matches.

These have been the current William Hill’s Premier League betting odds and we hope you found them both informational and useful enough in order to help you make a decision on which teams or players to place money on.

May you win every bet you make.

Good luck on your Premier League betting adventures!

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