Winner bookmakers: the complete list

It's important that when you place a bet online that you choose one of these winner bookmakers to help you find the best betting markets and the best free sign up bonuses for you to bet with. Take a look at the list of the currently globally leading sports bookmakers and start raising up your profit from betting.

Which bookmaker do you use to place your bets?

What if we told you that there is an actual list consisting of the top ones you can find worldwide? You probably wouldn’t believe us since this list was published by us, right?

This is where you are wrong my friends because today you are going to witness the definitive list of the best winner bookmakers in existence.

Each one comes with some unique features so all of them have earned a rightful place in this article.

They have one thing in common though, they will all fill your pockets with money!

winner bookmakers

Winner Bookmakers

All of the bookmakers you are about to see appearing on our list are excellent but where exactly is this excellence originating from?

Is it their unique features, the great odds, or a big selection of available betting choices? Keep on reading to find out!

1. William Hill

What most people don’t know is that William Hill has been online since the 1930s and considering betting on sports wasn’t of such fame back then it is really a wonder that they have made it until now.

If you take a look at their website you will see that on top of an amazing Sportsbook they also offer a casino featuring live games as well as a Racebook and a Poker room.

As it is naturally expected the most popular section is this of the sports betting and especially on football.

Let’s not forget that England has one of the most top-class football leagues in the world, the Premier League.

The odds they provide are often the best in the industry and the same goes for their offers as well. In fact, when it comes to the welcome bonus we are sure that it would be easy fairly hard for you to find another one as good as this.

You bet 10£ and you will get 30£ in free bets. If you don’t know what matched betting is and how it works then the best way to find out would be by using their bonuses.

william hill betting

2. Bovada

Being a part of the Best Partners family is great, especially when you are the biggest website of the network.

This is exactly the case of Bovada which is believed to be the biggest and best sports bookmaking site for American citizens.

If you live in the US then you probably already have a basic idea of how tough finding an online betting platform must be.

They are for sure one of the best sports betting providers and on top of their Sportsbook, you are also going to find a great casino, Poker room, and even a Racebook.

Their bonuses are as excellent as the rest of the site. Now that the NFL Playoffs are on the go there is a special welcome offer you could claim so be sure to check out our latest article on the subject just so that you can make a profit!

Another interesting thing about Bovada is that on top of the usual banking options all major online bookmakers offer you can also deposit and withdraw by using the famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

If you do so the welcome bonuses are way bigger and sometimes even more than double than the normal ones.

bovada betting

3. Betfair/Betfair Exchange

Yes, we know, technically speaking these are two distinct bookmakers but they are still sister websites and coming from the same team.

In case you didn’t already know, an Exchange site is very similar to a normal one but the user can actually select to lay a bet which means to bet against a game’s outcome.

In some cases, the player may even be able to set his own odds for other users to bet on so that when they lose the bet he can have a small profit.

Betfair has it all, you are going to find any little thing you could expect from a betting platform ranging from an online live casino all the way to betting on special events such as a presidential election or E-sports. As for their bonuses, things couldn’t be any better.

Crazy promotions are constantly given out by the site and just so you know, the welcome offers on Betfair and Betfair Exchange are some of the very best you can find throughout the online betting industry!

If you want to learn more about how lay betting works you can find more information on our previous article on football accumulator where we discussed how this betting option works. One thing is for certain though, both of those websites are two of the best online winner bookmakers.

Betfair Sports Betting Review

4. Marathon Bet

We are sure that you weren’t expecting to see this bookmaker getting mentioned in our article but here it is.

Unfortunately, this one tends to not get as much exposure as some of the other major platforms of the online betting industry and we really don’t see the reason why something like this keeps happening to them.

The company is excellent and has been online for a bit more than 20 years now. In that time they haven’t been involved in any bad incidents and their odds are simply great even though they may not be as high as the odds offered by the top bookmakers such as William Hill and Bet365.

If you read our Marathonbet review you will see for yourself that they are a very professional website offering a great selection of normal and special bets available to an array of sports.

The minimum deposits are significantly low and the bonuses are fairly good. This makes them an amazing all around online betting platform.

Marathonbet welcome bonus

5. Leo Vegas

Now, you see, Leo Vegas is mostly known for their excellent online casino services but you would be losing out on a great opportunity if you didn’t take a look at their Sportsbook. Normally no one would expect such great odds from a platform mainly dedicated more to gamblers rather than bettors.

However, not only are the odds significantly high but they are also some of the best in the online betting industry.

There is something, however, that makes Leo Vegas unique. One of them is the ability to watch some of the sports you bet on live. One of those is greyhound racing as well as football (on some occasions).

Another advantage of theirs is the mobile-friendliness of the platform.

You can easily access the site by using any mobile device such as your smartphone or tablet.

Leo Vegas Betting Odds

6. Bodog

There is a good reason that Bodog may look very similar, almost identical one can say, to the site of Bovada.

Its ownership is the cause of that. Indeed, both sites are owned and run by the same people.

So why did we add them to our list if almost everything they provide is the same? Simply, because Bovada is dedicated to US-based players while Bodog is not. The latter one is mostly open to Canadian players. There is also another version of Bodog (Bodog88 or Bodog888) which serves Chinese and Malaysian players.

The payment times and banking methods are pretty much the same throughout the sites owned by that network which also include Ignition,, Café Casino, Bumbet, and Joe Fortune.

betting with bodog

7. Mr Green

A bookmaker whose name is synonymous with success as the site has been receiving multiple awards and prizes every year since they opened their “doors” to the public.

They prefer the classic “manly” way of betting so don’t expect to find any extreme welcome offers there other than the complete basics.

Most people aren’t aware of the Sportsbook this award-winning casino offers and this is why it doesn’t tend to get as much exposure as the other sections of the platform which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because as the player base is lower, the better will be the odds in order to attract more users.

So don’t spend any more time. Go to their platform and sign up for an account now that things are in your benefit. If they keep up like this they will totally become one of the top winner bookmakers in the world!

mr green sports betting


Now that the Super Bowl Playoffs are happening and the main event is less than 3 weeks away it would be the best time to start betting on some games.

Just sign up on one of the best winner bookmakers we mentioned in our article today and start playing.

Who knows? You might even turn to be the next big winner

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